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Mild, silky, oily or jelly, there are many different skincare textures – each one makes applying skincare more indulgent. Even better, these different consistencies are carefully formulated to help your skin absorb the active ingredients and enhance their efficacy. Yes, the skincare texture of your product has a lot to do with how it works with your skin tone.

We are here to help you in your choice of texture for your cosmetics manufacturing and your korean cosmetic formulation.

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Concentrate – Skincare Textures

Most of us ignore the benefits of using concentrates and serums and use a moisturizer or serum right after cleansing. However, concentrates can enhance your existing skincare routine. With their watery consistency (think small raindrops), they deliver high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients deep into your skin.


Serums contain tiny molecules that penetrate deeper into the skin, making them lighter and more nourishing than moisturizers. It absorbs very quickly so you can put a moisturiser on top. It’s the perfect combination to repair deep skin while protecting the surface from damage.


Similar to a cream but lighter, the lotion is the perfect consistency if you like layered products. They get absorbed quickly and don’t stick to the skin or prevent other products from working. They also contain a small amount, if any, of oil, making them ideal for summer when the air is humid.


Probably one of the most popular skincare textures, creams are thicker in consistency. This means they’re great for applying on top of your serums, concentrates and lotions. While they may not penetrate as deeply into the skin as described above, they form a barrier that helps prevent further moisture loss.


If your skin is prone to oily or blemishes, the gel texture is for you. The lightweight texture provides oil-free moisture, which is a treat during the hot months.


Perfect for very dry and sensitive skin, the oil has a rich, silky skincare texture that absorbs slowly into your skin, deeply hydrating and restoring your complexion’s moisture levels. I recommend using it as an overnight treatment to give it time to work its magic. Oh and don’t worry, contrary to popular belief, oils are not greasy. You just need to use them sparingly and massage them into the skin properly.


The balm is great for dry skin and has a very rich texture that is both super soothing and intensely moisturizing. It also helps prevent irritation.


Like whipped cream, the mousse looks thick and smooth, but is surprisingly fluffy and fluffy. Often used for fake tans, this texture smoothes your skin like silk (similar to shaving cream, but lighter) and dries quickly for a professional-looking finish.


With a few exceptions, most scrubs are formulated with tiny beads that give them a rather rough texture. Of course, it’s the beads that slough off dead skin cells and reveal fresh, smooth skin underneath.

Micellar water

Think of micellar water as a refreshing shower. It consists of tiny oil molecules suspended in water, wiping away impurities throughout the day in one fell swoop. Oh and it is great for sensitive skin.


Really light and breathable foams are great for oily skin as they absorb a lot of excess sebum.

However, check the ingredient list for sulfates, as they can dry out your skin. You should choose a very mild one.


When it comes to skincare texture, I love a good jelly. While feeling bouncy and bouncy, it still blends effortlessly into your skin, leaving no residue. It is usually a refreshing and cool application.

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