Skincare Production Process in Sourcing-Lab

Stage 1 of Skincare Production

The global cosmetic production process is divided into five key stages. From receipt of raw materials to delivery, we ensure that the production process runs smoothly. Each stage is managed according to the most secure protocols and procedures. Our CNA and quality standards are the highest to ensure that every product is safe and effective.

Acceptance of raw materials and packaging:

• Order bill of materials

• Raw material sterilization and temperature control

• The system generates a checklist; it is then forwarded to the quality control team

• Internal identification via our barcode system

• Weighing system for individually weighing and re-weighing raw materials

• System alerts to stop work in case of weight discrepancy

Stage 2 of Skincare Production

Screening and inspection of microorganisms:

Check the color, smell and texture of raw materials

Microbiological screening to detect contamination;

• Moisture test, viscosity test, vibration test production machines;

• Manufacturing process includes dissolving, feeding, cooling, filtration;

Pack formulations in suitable packaging;

Stage 3 of Skincare Production

Blending and bottling:

• Once the material is measured, the barcode system verifies the material

• Once confirmed, the material is mixed and dispensed into the appropriate

  • The manufacturing process includes dissolution, charging, cooling, filtering
  • Formulations will be filled in appropriate packaging

Stage 4 of Skincare Production

Visual inspection and inspection of semi-finished products and finished products:

• Check the colour, texture and aroma of semi-finished and finished products in the same way as customers check

• Check the shelf life of the finished product

Stage 5 of Skincare Production


  • • After passing all testing and screening, transfer product to warehouse
  • • Products are shipped to our customers worldwide through our automated systems.

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