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Sourcing-lab builds a bridge between global beauty brands, Korea’s latest innovations, and trendsetting beauty technology.

Whether you are building your new brand or extending your current line, Sourcing-lab is a turnkey solution that puts the latest skincare and color cosmetic R&D at your fingertips.

Korean Cosmetic Innovations from Seoul

Based in Seoul with a dynamic, international team, Sourcing-lab thrives to be on the front end of helping in your manufacturing of beauty products. We are launching state-of-the-art products with a strong focus on quality and aesthetics, pioneering in making the Beauty world a kinder place.

Formulations, Regulatory Compliance, Branding & Design, Packaging, R&D, Manufacturing

From Idea to Launch in One-stop Manufacturing Solution

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Complete brand development service starting with concept and story. A good brand concept is essential, as it creates the theme and synergy, which hold the products together as a family.


Developing a unique ODM formulation in accordance with the Brand Concept includes determining the ingredients, achieving the desired texture, color, aroma, and efficacy.


Sourcing the packaging that immediately holds the skincare solution. We ensure that the packaging is both appealing to the target consumer, while retaining maximum functionality, safety, durability, and all within your budget.


Our goal is to create a product line with a consistent appearance on the shelf or online, so that any product can be immediately recognize as part of the brand. In this step, we also address secondary text to meet functional goals, marketing needs, and regulatory requirements.


Sourcing-lab seeks to award production contracts and partnerships to Enterprises, Groups, SMEs, and Entrepreneurs, whenever possible. This allows us to support the founders of the Korean cosmetic industry, and the innovators who fuel it’s global leadership.


Sourcing-lab provides a set of documentation for import / regulatory approval. We support major requirements worldwide, including cruelty-free, organic, vegan, COSMOS standard, sustainability, or ECOCERT compliant.

Product Category


Get inspired by the latest skincare textures and trends, and build your formulation from scratch with step-by-step guidance.

MOQ: 5.000 – 10.000/SKU
makeup Consumers demand better performance. Sourcinglab is on the front line, bringing you color cosmetic formulations that last all-day- resisting water, sweat, oil, and heat. And, formulations that are easier to apply, with less error, less irritation, and ,less waste.
Product category


Consumers demand better performance. Sourcing-lab is on the front line, bringing you color cosmetic formulations that last all-day, resisting water, sweat, oil, and heat. Your products will be easier to apply, with no skin irritation and less waste.
Product Category


Body Care, Hair care, and SPF Development for Online & Offline Retailer, and high capacity mass productions.

MOQ: 10.000/SKU

Body Care, Hair care, and SPF Development for Online & Offline Retailer, and high capacity mass productions.
Product Category


From Nail Polish to high quality Nail stickers, Korea offers the latest innovations and unlimited colors and patterns.

MOQ: 10.000/SKU

From Nail Polish to high quality Nail stickers, Korea offers the latest innovations and unlimited colors and patterns.

What Our Clients Say

"Sourcinglab offers fast go-to-market timelines without sacrificing quality. The process was very organized and efficient, and the price and quality matches our expectations. "
Giacomo M.
Retail Brand Manager
"We are a Fashion company, and extended our business to cosmetics in 2020. Sourcinglab took us from idea through production with a beautiful new Brand, Design, and clean Beauty formulations."
Sarah S.
Fashion Brand

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