Five biggest cosmetic brands for men

Nowadays, more and more men give up their usual face and body soap for a
skincare regimen with cosmetic brands for men. The market itself has been changing: cosmetics aren’t just for women anymore, because guys have gotten more comfortable with having beauty habits such as
grooming. In fact, there has been a constant increase in the number of gender-neutral and
men’s products, which deliver the best results in the most practical way. Since men’s habits
have been changing, here is a list of five of the biggest skincare brands for them:

Scotch Porter

If you have a problem with constant razor burns and hair follicles, this one is made
for you. Scotch Porter is produced for those looking to avoid and treat those issues, leaving
your skin smoother regardless of your skin type and tone.


Asystem’s products are designed to keep up with those who have an active lifestyle.
Thanks to its intelligent use of ingredients, they offer a high-performance with simple steps:
a twice-a-day cleanser, a moisturizer, and an overnight cream.


The best thing about Lumin is that you are able to fully customize your skincare
routine since they provide a variety of products focused on a range of results. Also, if that’s
what you’re looking for, there’s a diversity of maintenance products. All of that can be tested
on a free trial if you subscribe to their site to their sets.


Disco prides itself on transparency, efficacy, and sustainability. Everything is
produced with natural ingredients and their products are vegan and cruelty-free. Also, the
brand offers the possibility of subscriptions, which can make you save both money and time
in the long run.


Hims is the best way to go if you’re just starting to have a grooming routine, on the
account of the free consultations they offer, in which you discover what products of the brand
are ideal for your skin type and tone. Of course, if you already know what you need, you can
always buy directly on their website.

But, who manufactures all of those products of cosmetic brands for men? Companies with Korean cosmetics partners like Sourcinglab do.

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