Korean Private Label Cosmetics – Our Ready-To-Go Formulations

Sourcing-Lab also helps manufacture private label cosmetics at our factory or at our partner factories. Thanks to our strong partnership with many other cosmetic factories in Korea and Japan, we produce high-quality products at very competitive prices. You can also save time looking for box factories, bottle factories, printing houses, and any other production-related factories. We design our services as a “one-stop shopping” for our customers to reduce time, cost, and effort. You can rest assured that our products are of the highest quality and with your skin health in mind.

We are producing private label skincare products to help spas, hotels, and many small to large beauty supply companies with their private label Korean cosmetic needs. Our private label services are the key to opening doors to world markets for our client’s products while adding to their brand marketing style and philosophy.

We are pleased to manufacture and supply a full range of natural skincare and makeup products, fully customizable to customer needs. Most of our competitors who advertise “Korean Skincare in America” ​​or “Korean Private Label Cosmetics” have limited resources or the freedom to create the perfect brand for your business needs.

At Sourcing-Lab, our clients’ cost savings and business success are our top priorities. Our customers can take advantage of a large number of packaging, design, product marketing options in one place without any hassle and ensure your products are of the best quality. Our team has long supported start-ups from the early stages of development to the end of production and even branding. We offer minimal white label skincare for startups or small businesses.

Our clients and clients can rest assured that at Sourcing-Lab, they are getting the best customer experience in Private Label Cosmetics. We strive for excellence in providing a quality product and service to a market starving for the highest, all-natural cosmetics on the market.

Our Private-Label Formulations:

Pearly Tone Up Serum

Clear and sparkling natural water-glow tone-up serum complete healthy radiant skin as if born with the vital energy of
Jeju Botanic Essence!

The natural vegan formula that cares for nature and animals
▪ Realize natural radiant tone-up by using pearl instead of stuffy inorganic pigment
▪ The minimal prescription formulation reduces the burden on the skin, and the moist
essence type reduces the skincare routine.

Brightening Tone Up, Zero stickiness/pore-clogging, celebrity water glow, fresh & light texture.

& Serums

Skin Activating Essence Toner

The moisture of the transparent essence toner adheres freshly to the skin.

Contains 10 types of complex hyaluronic acid: the use of 10 types of complex hyaluronic acid can help the skin stay hydrated for longer.

Moisture locking care all day, both inside and out.
Essence toner that absorbs quickly like water. It is a product that contains hyaluronic acid in a transparent water formula by breaking it down into small pieces. Absorbed and non-sticky, moist daily care possible.
EWG green grade, ph 5.5 weakly acidic formulation for the most comfortable skin

Melting Balm & Gel Collabo Essence

Write “Gel” and read “Balm”. A “Jelly Balm Essence” that provides nourishment like a balm with a light gel-like feeling

Jelly-like transparent and clear texture.

A translucent moisture-filled texture adds moisture and cooling and reduces oiliness to provide a moist and light feeling of use.

Nutritious feeling as if high-nutrition balm were melted.

Glycerin is responsible for moisture, hyaluronic acid, and beta-glucan responsible for elasticity and nutrition. It contains a large amount of snail mucus filtrate, a soothing lotus callus culture extract, and 11 herbal ingredients to make the skin healthy with high-nutrition care for a light feeling of use.

Stick to Bubble Essence

Breathing volume bubble where essence and bubble meet to create a
voluminous low. “Breathing Bubble Essence”.

Dense bubbles are created at the same time as pumping.

At the same time as pumping, a dense bubble is formed, and the bubble formula does not flow on
hands or face, but perfectly adheres to the skin to further enhance absorption.

Moisturizing essence without stickiness. Good news for those who thought bubble essence is sticky? Essence with a moist finish without stickiness while intensively supplying the skin with the moisture it needs.

Contains adenosine to improve skin elasticity!
By intensively supplying moisture to the skin, it not only takes care of dryness, the biggest enemy of skin aging but also activates the skin’s self-renewal power, helping to improve wrinkles and prevent skin aging

EWG Trouble Care Hyaluronic Serum

Are all trouble care products dry? No!
“Trouble-only low-molecular serum” that replenishes essential moisture even for troubled

Basic trouble skincare, EWG safe prescription. There are many good ingredients for trouble care, but what if the base is irritating?

EWG Green grade formula that cares about the skin from the basic base to make
the skin soft and gentle.

Trouble care for non-dry skin: it uses low molecular weight hyaluronic acid to supply moisture that the skin needs, not to care for tight or dry troubles, so it is absorbed immediately without going over the skin for a light care

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