Happy Korean American Day (January, 13)

Similar to Sourcing-Lab the Korean American Day was born of the union between two nations and cultures. Sourcing-Lab was born with the same intent on making sure that the best of K-Beauty would be spread into the world.

Our purpose was to facilitate the communication of International Beauty Brands with the Korean Cosmetic Manufacturers, making sure that their demands for beauty product manufacturing could be met and decreasing the cultural barrier.

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Korean American Day on January 13 commemorates the arrival of the first Korean immigrants in the United States in 1903. The day also commemorates the enormous contribution of Korean-Americans to all aspects of society.

In 1882, the United States and South Korea signed a treaty establishing peaceful relations, friendship, and commerce. While this led to South Korean diplomats, students, politicians, and businessmen visiting the United States, few felt the need to stay.

It wasn’t until December 1902 that 102 Korean immigrants set sail on the SS Gaelic for Honolulu, Hawaii. These families initiated the first wave of Korean immigration, with more than 7,500 immigrants over the next two years.

They served their communities and countries during World Wars I and II, as well as the Korean War. During this time, more Koreans decided to leave their home country; some, as wives of American soldiers, and others as children.

We are very proud of this globalization process.

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