Private Label Makeup Manufacturer – Our Private Label Formulations

Sourcing-Lab is a global cosmetic manufacturer specialized in the manufacturing of private label makeup products for beauty brands worldwide made in South Korea. We have been working for beauty brands around the world, ranging from small start-up makeup brands to big strong brands in the market. 

We are extremely versatile and flexible cosmetic manufacturers, and we do whatever it takes to produce the best cosmetic products for customer brands.

We assist our partners in every stage of the makeup manufacturing process, making sure to respect all regulatory laws and restrictions through strict quality control. 

We are cosmetic manufacturers that you can trust.

What to Look for in a Private Label Cosmetics Company

To avoid getting into a partnership with a private label makeup and beauty products company that just isn’t a great fit, it’s important to do your homework. Research different companies to find out which are reputable and have a history of customer satisfaction. We’ve identified several features and characteristics to look for in a white label cosmetics company.

  1. Certification Standards
  2. Government Regulations and Safety Standards
  3. Quality Sources and Raw Materials
  4. Specialty Certifications
  5. Levels of Service
  6. Low Minimum Order Requirements

Check below some of our formulations


Since the first time we launched a private label makeup line, we’ve grown very fast. We are a one-stop-shop of private label suppliers, and we can supply you a full range of color cosmetics, including lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadows, foundation, blushers, eyebrow products, etc.

See below the main categories.

Hexagon Brow Pencil – Private Label Makeup

The Perfect Eye-Brow Pencil, Powdery, for all skin types, natural, buildable, artist touch.

Instant Volumizing Mascara

Feathery, natural-derived powder for max volume with light usage for your eyelashes.

Instant Fix Mascara

Made to curl your lashes, with a tri-angle fiber system that allows a natural look that you can wear all day. Long-Lasting Formulation.

Mask Proof Lip Lacquer

Full color and featherweight feel the perfect lip protector. Keep your lipstick or lip balm intact all day, without losing moisture.

Hydro Satin Liquid

Zero-weight, water to matte, water cream texture. The formula transforms from a liquid lipstick into a matte feel without drying your lips. The pro side is that this is one of the only matte lipsticks that can be used in a lighter way to give a smoother lighter wide color and if you want a strong color you can just apply more layers.

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