Father ’s Day: 5 Cosmetic Gift Ideas For Your Daddy!

Next Sunday it’s Father ’s Day and you still had no idea about what to buy for your Daddy? Fathers are probably the most difficult people to shop for, and you never know how they are going to react to your gift! 

That’s why it’s time to change his habits and start buying them beauty cosmetics. Even if they sometimes say that they don’t need all these products that women put on their faces and bodies, the truth is that they love to take care of themselves!

So, Here is a list of 5 beauty products that can make every daddy happy! 

The Ritual of Samurai: Invigorating Collection Gift Set (39,60$):

This pack from the Dutch brand RITUALS is the perfect gift for Father’s Day! First of all, the delicious smell of those products would make him travel around Asia. It contains a shower foam, shaving gel, aftershave, and a little perfume. All your father needs for his morning routine! 

Furthermore, RITUALS is a Clean, Conscious, and Caring brand. The products are made with luxurious, cruelty-free, and from 90% ingredients of natural origin. They make sure the ingredients are ethically sourced and the packaging is recyclable and can be refilled.

Now, let’s see what the gift kit contain in more details:

Foaming Shower Gel

The powerful scent of this shower gel brings all the confidence and freshness a man needs to start his day. The bamboo used in this product will nourish and exfoliate your skin. This plant represents flexibility and strength. The Sandalwood comes from the Santalum trees in India and brings a masculine woody scent to the gel while stimulating the skin.

Shave Foam :

The gel of this product transforms into a rich foam made with natural ingredients like basil and ginseng. Basil is regarded as one of the most sacred herbs in India, it’s an antioxidant with moisturizing properties and has a revitalizing effect on the skin. Ginseng is a Korean plant also known as ‘ the root of life’. In Asia, this pant is a symbol of masculinity and immortality. This shaving foam suits every type of skin as it’s free from harmful chemicals.

After Shave Soothing Balm 

After shaving his face with the shaving foam, he will need to nourish and perfect his skin with the after-shave soothing balm. The alcohol-free and respectful formula of this product will bring comfort and hydration that his skin needs. The main ingredients are basil, red Shiso, and rice bran oil. The red Shiso is a Japanese herb, well known in Asia as an antioxidant that helps to strengthen the immune system and the health of the skin.

Travel Bleu Byzantine

The aquatic fragrance of this perfume is inspired by the ancient city of Byzantium. The water mint will remind him the streams and the river smell. The Juniper berry essential oil used in this Eau de Parfum produces a rich, fresh coniferous odor with a subtle fruity and balsamic back note.

After using all those cosmetics in his routine, your father will smell fresh while feeling confident and comfortable all day long!

Nuxe Men Travel Kit (13,35$):

Thanks to the covid vaccine, it’s slowly getting possible to travel again. Father’s Day is the good moment to buy the Nuxe Travel Kit to your Daddy!

This kit is composed of a Multi-Use Shower Gel, a Shaving Gel and a Moisturizing Gel.

NUXE Men Multi-Use Shower Gel Hair&Body

This shower Gel can be used for hair and body. The gentle formula of this cosmetic maintains the physiological skin pH. 93% of this product’s ingredients are from natural origin and Paraben-free. The Oak and Hornbeam extracts gives energizing experience. It leaves a masculine, spicy and woody fragrance on the body.

NUXE Men Anti-Irritation Shaving Gel

It’s a lathering gel that will provide your father a premium experience of shaving. This product contains sandalwood extract, which is a razor-burn free and reduces shaving irritation. As it’s very gentle it suits to every type of skin, even sensitive one. 

NUXE Men Moisturizing Multi-Purpose Gel

The Nuxe moisturizing gel makes the skin instantly hydrated and comfy without leaving residues. It’s a mattifying gel that is quickly absorbed by the skin, that’s why it’s the perfect product for men with oily skin. The product is made with 89% of ingredients from natural origin like oak and hornbeam extracts. It also contains hyaluronic acid that reduce signs of stress and tiredness. 

This little travel kit is perfect for those who have a little budget and wants to make their Daddy happy!

The Single Edge Starter Set 150$:

Every father needs shaving cosmetics in his bathroom, but the Single Edge Starter Set is the best you can get for your daddy! Designed by the Texan brand Supply, this set contains 4 products. 

Single Edge 2.0 razor: 

This razor is a real masterpiece with a modern design and a mix between technology and traditional classic. Everything was thought to give your father the best shaving experience by respecting his skin and making the user as easy as possible. The Single Edge razor cuts the hair at the surface of the skin and not below as most of the other razors. Each Single Edge Razor will be sold with a Pack of 8 Injector Blades and 3 proprietary Custom Shave Settings.

Ultra Lather Shaving Cream: 

This super-concentrated shaving cream will build a thick and foamy lather to protect your father’s skin from irritation. It will leave his skin moisturized and refreshed.

Silvertip Synthetic Shave Brush: 

The shaving brush is a cruelty-free product made with Silvertip synthetic fibers unlike most of the other shaving brushes that use badger hair. It was designed to spread a protective lather of shaving cream on the skin.

Healing Post Shave:

After shaving his skin your father will use this product with an alcohol-free formula. The natural ingredients (vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, witch hazel, and shea butter) contained in this post-shave cosmetic will heal and restore his skin. This product suits all types of skin even sensitive and acne-prone ones.

This set requires a more important budget but definitely, it provides high quality and luxurious product that your daddy will love!

Warm & Woody Aromatics AESOP (113$):

If you don’t know what to buy for Father’s Day and you don’t want to take a big risk this Aesop Kit is for you. It contains a deodorant, a Hydrating Body Balm, and a Body Cleanser. Those cosmetics are the classics everyone needs in his bathroom. 

Aesop is an Australian cosmetic brand that produces vegan and cruelty-free skin, hair, and body care products. They provide to their customer respectful formulas and ingredients of the finest quality, that are most of the time plant-based to be as safe and efficient as possible. Aesop Packaging is recyclable and sometimes can be refilled. The Designs are very simple and natural, they will perfectly match your father’s bathroom!


This deodorant spray is made with essential oils that reduce and mask the underarm odor. The woody manly scent will please your father.

It’s an aluminum-free spray, and the main ingredients are the Vetiver Root, the Coriander Seed, and the Zinc Ricinoleate. The Vetiver Root is an Indian Herb with many benefits. It’s an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and soothes the skin and the body. It also has antiseptic benefits that clean, nourish and heal the skin. Coriander Seed is rich in vitamin C, B, and K. It slows down the aging process and protects the skin from allergies and redness. Zinc Ricinoleate absorbs odor molecules, it’s a natural ingredient safe for skin.

Resolute Hydrating Body Balm

This rich balm will deeply moisturize your father’s body skin. This product has a delicious Spicy and warm aroma.

The Black Pepper used in this product will exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin to make your daddy’s skin smoother. It also promotes blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory that will calm your skin. Beta-Carotene is a type of carotenoid that will protect your skin against UV radiation from the sun and will maintain the skin’s health and appearance. Finally, the Patchouli plant will nourish his skin and protect it from dryness.

Coriander Seed Body Cleanser

The Coriander Seed body cleanser cleanses, stimulates, and calms the skin. This body cleanser contains natural ingredients that we already talked about, like Coriander Seed, Black Pepper, and Patchouli. It’s packed in a 500 mL bottle made from a minimum of 97% post-consumer recycled PET. It can also be refilled to minimize the environmental impact.

This pack is the perfect environmentally friendly present for your Father!

Tom Ford Men Makeup:

Not a lot of Father uses makeup products every day, but it’s a maybe a good occasion to start! A lot of luxurious brand as Dior and Chanel launched makeup products for men. Tom Ford did too, and it can be a really good gift idea.

Concealer (45$):

This concealer provides good coverage and a really natural finish on the skin. Every man’s face occasionally suffers from redness, pimples, dark circles under the eyes, or razor nicks. The Tom Ford concealer will cover it up. This product exists in 3 shades and can be applied with the finger on a skin moisturized.

Brow Gelcomb (54$):

This makeup product was exclusively designed for men’s brows. The twist-up applicator makes the use very easy. The Brow Gelcomb will plump and defines your father’s brow and make it looks thicker and smoother. It features the Tom Ford purifying complex that helps to minimize skin irritation and redness.

Brow Definer (49$):

This brow definer will give your father’s eyebrows a natural and healthy shape. This waterproof product is easy to use and ensures long-lasting wear. The lightweight gel easily glides onto hair to tame and set brows into place. Whatever your father’s hair color or skin tone, Tom Ford launched a large tinted hint of color for a smooth and sophisticated look.

Bronzing Gel (55$):

This water-based and oil-free bronzing gel will make your daddy’s skin looks healthy and radiant. It was developed to mimic the skin look after a few minutes of sun exposure without masking your skin’s natural features. Unlike a lot of self-tanner, this one is easy to use as you can blend it easily and all over the body and face.

Thanks to those quality and efficient makeup products, your father will look younger and the most handsome father in the world!

So, did you find the perfect gift for your Daddy thanks to this list? If you find it share with us which products did you choose for him on our Social Media! 

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