Celebrating the Wine Day with beauty products made with Wine

Each year on May 25th, we celebrate National Wine Day. Wine is made by crushing and fermenting grapes. There are different types of wine made with different types of grapes (red, white, rose, sparkling, and dessert). Wine is a beverage that you have to savor. Each bottle has its own story, you will never get bored. Let’s get into the beauty products made with Wine.

If you are not a wine drinker, but you want to benefit from its numerous virtues, it’s time to start adding wine cosmetics products to your skincare.

How to celebrate this day?

Celebrating this day is easy! You can enjoy a glass of wine with your friends, family, lover or also appreciate your own company and take time for yourself! You can choose to cook a meal made with a wine like the French specialty, Coq au Vin. Wine Day it’s also made to share about this delicious alcohol. You can meet other wine lovers or post on Social Media.

To learn more about Wine day and history, research on the internet or read books. But the best way is to go to wineries and meet passionate people or professionals. They will show you the process of making wine and, you will maybe have the chance to try different varieties of wine. The new way to celebrate wine day is to try cosmetics products made with wine!

A glass of red wine a day, as they suggest, keeps the doctor away. According to studies, red wine helps to slim down the waistline and even increase the longevity of life span. lower cholesterol and tests have shown that one glass of wine can be equivalent to an hour of exercise. See below our list of beauty products made with Wine:

Benefits of wine on the body:

According to studies, wine does have many benefits for the whole body.

  • Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that can be found in wine, especially the red one (or in grape skin and grape juice for non-wine drinkers). This cell is good for health and increases the longevity of life spans.
  • Consuming one glass of wine every day can help to keep your heart healthy and reduce the risk of CVDs (cardiovascular diseases). The polyphenols present in the wine help to protect the lining of the blood vessel in the heart.
  • It’s also good to prevent overweight and obesity. White wine contains antioxidants that can lower the level of cholesterol. It lowers your risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Tests have shown that one glass of wine can be equivalent to an hour of exercise. But this is not a reason to drink the whole bottle!
  • Drinking one glass of wine daily will boost your immune system and the potency of your vaccinations. Doctors have discovered that wine helps to develop immunity against 200 viruses.
  • Red wine promotes better sleep quality. It has a high concentration of melatonin, a hormone present in the body, and improves your sleep. Drinking wine before sleep will help you to calm and relax, your sleep time may be longer and peaceful. 

Wine has many other benefits, it prevents Alzheimer’s disease and concern, protects the teeth, improves eyesight, makes your bones stronger, helps with depression, etc…  Wine is probably the healthier alcohol in the world and it’s one of the reasons why this beverage is so popular.

Benefits of beauty products made with Wine: 

AGING SKIN: As it slows down the aging of your body and rain, red wine helps to keep your skin looks young. The Antioxidant, Resveratrol properties help to slow down the aging process of the skin by preserving collagen and elastic fiber. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and it can restore your skin’s original beauty. Drinking a glass of wine can reduce the risk of skin lesions that creates cancer and other dangerous skin diseases.

ACNE: The high levels of antioxidants in the wine will help you to maintain healthy skin and fight the bacteria that create acne. Red wine is known to contain natural AHAs (Alpha-hydroxy acids). This acid helps to prevent potential breakouts due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It also cleans and removes the pores.

MAKE YOUR SKIN MORE BEAUTIFUL: Wine will give you the radiance you are looking for. Resveratrol keeps the skin moisturized and improves your skin’s texture. You will have a beautiful complexion and your skin will look smooth and glowy. Finally, wine is beneficial to extract dead skin cells and deeply clean your skin.

HAIR: Wine contains flavonoids and antioxidants that help the formation of keratin, which is a fibrous protein that makes your hair looks full and glossy. It’s perfect to make your hair looks radiant and voluminous. Wine prevents hair loss by rejuvenating and repairing damaged hair. It also helps to decreases dandruff and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp.

5 products or beauty products made with Wine extract:


We absolutely had to talk about the brand caudal as it was the first beauty brand to start using grape seed extract in its formulations. Caudalie was created in 1993 by Mathilde Thomas and her husband Bertrand. They were working in her family’s vineyard in Bordeaux France when she discovered the potential and amazing benefits of vine and grapes on the skin. Since then, they have expanded and offered a large range of products.

They are using plant-based ingredients and essential oils extracted from fruits, flowers, or leaves. Most of the product names contained the word vino for wine, they called some of their products with wine bottle names as the Cabernet scrub for example. This product is enriched with crushed grape seeds and 6 essentials oils. It will leave your skin exfoliates, soft and nourished.

TonyMoly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet:

This product infused with red wine and rosemary extract will reduce the appearance of enlarged pores while tightening and purifying your skin. This sheet mask is really easy to use and gives you after 20 minutes, clean and glowing skin. It deeply moisturizes and hydrates skin.

This product suits every type of skin even sensitive ones and does not leave an oily sensation. The sheet is really comfortable and soft on the skin as it is made with a 3-layer durable cotton sheet . It’s sell in cute and colorful packaging that makes you want to picket up!

Chateau Labiotte Lipsticks:

Labiotte is the sub-brand of the Korean brand TonyMoly. Their cosmetics are made with herbal extracts, the brand follows the 7 principles of Naturopathy used in European countries.

They launched lip tints and lipsticks that contain Chateau Margaux (premium red wine) extract and French organic grape seed oil to moisturize your lips. This product line became a real must-have for the KBeauty addicts as it’s respectful and it stains your lips with beautiful shades.

The lipstick line is called Chateau Labiotte as if it was a wine name. The packaging is an adorable and elegant miniature bottle of wine and it’s one of the reasons why it’s so popular in South Korea!

Neogen Bio peel gauze peeling wine:

This product launched by the Korean skincare brand Neogen is a manual exfoliator. It contains 30 single-use exfoliating pads that remove your dead skin cells and impurities. 

The main ingredient of this product is Resveratrol. As we explained before, it’s a natural AHA that comes from red wine. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that prevents hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. The other fruit extract contained in the cosmetic brings the vitamin your skin needs to be healthy and stay young.

Your skin will look clear and smooth after the use of this wine peeling!

Unwined red wine collection by Hask 

This haircare line is composed of one shampoo, one conditioner, two deep conditioners, and one spray. All the products are made with wine extract that help to rejuvenate and strengthen the hairs thanks to its antioxidants. The resveratrol found in the skin of grapes helps to protect and restore the hairs, and finally, the grapeseed oil is rich in vitamin E, smoothens the hairs cuticles & prevent frizz.

The Pinot Noir Deep Conditioner contained pomegranate extract that restores damaged hair and plum extract which is used to help to maintain healthy hair strands. The second deep conditioner, named Cabernet Sauvignon is made with cherry extract to restore the hair and black currant extract which is rich in vitamin C and promotes healthy-looking hair. Do not hesitate and get the full collection to sublimate your hair!

Now that you are aware of all the beauty products made with Wine benefits for your body and skin, it’s time to start your own skin care product line made with wine. Sourcinglab will help you to create the perfect formulation, design, and packaging for your cosmetics! To start working with us, fill out the contact form below!

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