Best cosmetic textures to use in your cosmetics for 2022:

Everyone knows the skin needs to be moisturized in Winter but actually, the summer heat can also dehydrate your skin. When your face becomes oily, most of the time, it’s a sign that your skin is dehydrated. To protect it from drying, your skin secretes sebum. During summer, you often get exposed to the sun and water, your skin may peel because of that. To prevent this dryness, you should use a good texture that will suit your skin. Here are the 4 most convenient cosmetic textures for summer.


Balm cosmetic texture is mostly used in winter to deeply moisturize the skin. However, it can also be used in summer, especially for lip products. It’s important to use lip balms during summer because sudden temperature changes can make your lips dry. Use a lip butter stick, preferably with SPF, to make your lips softer and smoother. 

Except for extremely dry and rough skin, balm is not recommended on the face in hot weather, it would make it oily. Although, the balm can be used to genuinely hydrates your body. But you need to find the perfect body balm, not too sticky, not too oily, to not feel uncomfortable. 

Choosing a body butter rather than a body balm is more adapted to hot and humid temperatures. Body balm is thicker than body butter and the skin takes more time to absorb it. Finally, using the balm on hair during summer is ok as you rinse it at the end of the shower. Sun, pool, or seawater damage your split ends, balm texture will fix it.

Balm texture makeup cosmetics are convenient for summer, it feels light on the skin and it’s quicker to apply than powder. That type of product will give your face natural, wet, and glowy makeup, super trendy in summer!


Creamy cosmetic textures were widely embraced in 2022, especially in foundations, blushes, and eyeshadows. These textures provide a smooth and blendable application, giving a natural and dewy finish to the skin.


Glossy textures were on-trend for lip products, giving a shiny and reflective finish. Lip glosses with high-shine and non-sticky formulas were particularly popular, offering a luscious and plumping effect.


Powder-to-cream textures gained attention, especially in blushes and eyeshadows. These products start as a powder but transform into a creamy consistency upon application, allowing for easy blending and long-lasting wear. Sourcing-lab has a private-label product with that texture get in touch to know more.

Gel and Jelly:

Gel and Jelly texture cosmetics have water-based formulas, which is the perfect complexion for hot and humid weather. As we said before, in summer, the skin’s face tends to be oily. Gel moisturizers are usually free of oils which is very good to prevent greasy skin. It will hydrate your skin quickly, as it gets absorbed easily, it will not leave an oily film on your face but a matte effect. Gel products often contain hyaluronic acid, which deeply hydrates your skin.

Gel has a way lighter structure than cream and for most people, it’s more suitable for high-temperature weather. It also lasts longer on the skin. This texture is the best for summer because of its cool-down feeling. That’s why many cosmetics brands use it for after-sun products or to cure the sun’s burn. Aloe vera gel for example is perfect to soothe and calm the skin. It will provide you with the refreshing and revitalizing feeling that you will need. You can keep your cosmetics in the fridge for a fresher feeling. 

Finally, the gel has a plumping effect on the appearance of the skin. Your skin will look energized, youthful, and rejuvenated for a healthy-looking glow!

As you can see, gel texture can suit every type of skin, that’s why you should not hesitate to launch your jelly skincare products!


During summer, you use makeup and sunscreen, you sweat more and it can leave an uncomfortable feeling, like if your skin were oily and dirty. You probably need a real deep clean. To remove the dead cells from your skin and unclog your clogged pores, you need to use a product with an exfoliating texture. If you exfoliate regularly and gently, you will bring your skin back into balance. 

But be careful, first of all, don’t forget that exfoliation removes some of the protective layers of your skin, it will increase your sun sensitivity. If you like to tan and expose your skin to the sun very often, you should not exfoliate often or not at all. Waiting a few days between exfoliation and sun exposure is highly recommended. 

Also, try to choose a gentle exfoliator rather than a strong peel, especially for your face. For your body, you can exude more pressure and choose products that use salt or sugar but still be careful if you do not want your skin to be irritated. Finally, try to limit your use of chemical exfoliators, look at the formulas of the product before buying it, and prefer natural ingredients that can deeply hydrate your skin while scrubbing it.

Using exfoliating texture will bring good benefits to your skin as, making your skin smooth and glossy and cleaning it to give the cosmetics of your days better results.


The light and airy texture of the foam is ideal for summer. A gel texture, it’s combined with water, which gives you a fresh feeling. Mousse is usually denser and creamier than foam, which is also good but too heavy for summer.

Foam texture can be used for every type of cosmetics. Body and hair wash foam is convenient to use during hot weather as it’s super light and easy to rinse. Foam cleanser for the face is one of the most popular, it’s good at removing excess oil and can provide a gentle exfoliation, perfect for combination skin! Using foam texture self-tanner is easier to use and will give your a more natural and flawless finish. It also dries faster which is good if you want to go out right away after using it. Sunscreen can be greasy and sticky, giving you the sensation that you need to wash it. When you go to the beach the sand is stuck to your skin and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. Thanks to foam texture sunscreen, you will not have this problem anymore as it gets dry fast and protect your skin from the sun as the sunscreen cream does. 

Finally, foam is also used in makeup, the foundation, for example, is very fun to use. The aerated texture disappears into your skin, leaving coverage with a super-smooth, blurring finish. 

So to conclude, it’s better to use light and fresh textures for summer and those were the best and trendiest ones. If you want to expand your beauty brand with a summer cosmetics line, SourcingLab can help you. We can provide you with the texture that matches the most with your product’s goal. We will also design the best summer packaging, convenient for your customers and respectful of the earth. To get in touch with our team, fill out the contact form below. We will get back to you soon!

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