Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Do you know what is a Skincare Contract Manufacturer and what is the function of an external Korean Beauty Lab?

There are many well-known brands in the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care business being produced in plants not their own.

Contract manufacturers generally have a selection of basic formulas that customers can choose from, adding or subtracting ingredients to create a custom item, or they will make a client’s formula or develop something original.

Sourcing-Lab is one-stop solution to start your beauty brand with Korean Cosmetic Manufacturers, we work together with Korean Cosmetic manufacturers to ensure that your brand has all the details that you need from packaging and formulation to documentation.

WHAT IS PRIVATE LABEL – Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Sourcing Lab manufactures skin and body care for professionals who sell our products under their own business name or brand. This is commonly referred to as OEM (Other Equipment Manufacturer).

Our OEM, or Private Label, offers skin care professionals the opportunity to build equity in their business by controlling their own markup, merchandising, and product promotions. Offering a line of products sold under your own name/brand opens the door to enhanced distribution opportunities, profitability, and business value.

Based in Seoul with a dynamic, international team, Sourcing-lab thrives to be on the front end of helping in your manufacturing of beauty products. We are launching state-of-the-art products with a strong focus on quality and aesthetics, pioneering in making the Beauty world a kinder place.

Sourcing-lab builds a bridge between global beauty brands, Korea’s latest innovations, and trendsetting beauty technology.

Whether building your new brand or extending your current line, Sourcing-lab is a turnkey solution that puts the latest skincare and color cosmetic R&D at your fingertips.

We know it’s not enough to just have your own product line, so we formulate and manufacture professional-grade skin care products that produce REAL results.

Custom Formulation

If you have a concept for a custom skincare contract manufacturer product – cleansers, exfoliators, moisturizers, wrinkle treatments, or any other product you can conceptualize – our team of qualified chemists can create a formulation tailored to your specifications.

Our products are formulated by a team of scientists, with years of research in processing and development. The following products can be formulated and manufactured to your specification. Custom Manufacturing allows you to sell high-quality skincare contract manufacturer products without the need to create your own formulas.

Our team of highly trained sales experts will work closely with you, guiding you through the private label process, and turning your concept into reality. The result: fully-realized products that surpass expectations.

Backed by years of experience, Sourcing Lab combines industry insight with cutting-edge research and development to create exceptional products that allow brands to be on trend and quick to market.

We prepare our beauty products after extensive research. These personal care products are prepared with the expertise and excellence of our team. For us, understanding the daily body care necessities of people comes in handy when launching new products. Our core values are understanding the customer’s needs, designing according to buyers’ requirements, and serving the best of nature’s resources to customers for their complete skin care needs.

But our guidance doesn’t end there. Our team of proficient experts will go on to provide you the useful assistance and information required by you for marketing and selling your products. Be it our online ingredient database or our product brochures or even our educated skincare professionals, we will help you with the necessary information that is required to make you one of the most booming businesses in the skincare market. To get more assistance on Private Label and get started with us.

Sourcing lab, where you can develop, process, and customize all your Skincare and personal care products according to your request. Contact us today for all your personalized skin care, and hair care,  with your signature and logo on it. Sourcing Lab offers Private Label and Custom Formulas, let our experienced team of scientists have your Skincare and personal care products, and develop process, and manufacture them for you.

Schedule a call with one of our knowledgeable team members to discuss the skin care products you are looking to develop, as well as how our contract manufacturing process works. It’s important to us that you have a good understanding of the entire process so that you can make the best possible decisions about the customer formulation that you want to be developed for a top-of-the-line skincare routine.

Choose your product, ensure quality and build your brand with Sourcing Lab:

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