Facial masks – the perfect remedy to help with your skincare

Should everyone be using face masks? Absolutely. Both women and men can benefit greatly from using facial masks products. They’re not just for beauty: they’re the perfect remedy to help with your skincare concerns. 

The mask is designed to be used intermittently to give your skin an instant glow. Depending on your skin’s needs, there’s a mask that can help. That is why we, your Korean manufacturer partner, made sure of having a ready-to-go formulation, with its stability already tested, as a private label option in our manufacturing services. Get to know more about it:

What are facial masks? 

Like a serum or moisturizer, a mask is a skincare product. It provides the skin with a highly concentrated concentration of active ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients to improve its overall health. The difference? Masks are occlusive—they form a physical barrier that locks in beneficial ingredients, allowing the skin to absorb them more effectively.

Sleeping masks

Anti-acne: for acne-prone skin

Caffeine: depuffs and refreshes your skin around the eye

Whitening: revitalizes dull skin and reduces dark spots 

Bio-Lacto: restores healthy skin by revitalizing the skin barrier and helping the skin renewal process to be balanced

Stem cell masks 

Anti-acne: for acne-prone skin

Moisture: provides hydration, and moisture for glowing skin 

Whitening: helps whiten and tone-up effect of dull skin

When to use it: 

A mask should be used after a serum but before a moisturizer, or the night mask instead of a moisturizer. Some people say that when they use a mask, their skin experiences a “detox” because they notice changes in their skin as it detoxifies.

How to use facial masks?

Start with a freshly cleansed face.

Use your daily cleanser to ensure you’re getting all the benefits your mask is designed to provide.

Using damp hands, apply the mask directly to damp skin.

Remember, masks are not for nothing. When you put on a mask, you should look like you are wearing one. Never rub the mask directly onto the skin.

It should be used like icing on the cake. Carefully avoiding the eye area and keeping the nostrils open, pull the mask off the face, neck, and throat.

Start and wait.

You can use it for 10 to 20 minutes or, depending on the mask, overnight. Just keep track of the time and follow the label instructions on removal.

Time to take off the mask.

Masks are designed to stay on your skin. You don’t want to be too harsh when removing. Gently wash off the mask with plenty of water and a washcloth. Pat gently – do not towel dry skin.

Are you looking for a Korean Cosmetic Manufacturer to offer the perfect remedy to help with your client’s skincare concerns? You can count on our and our partner’s manufacturing services to do so. Expand your beauty line!

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