Fingernail mask – Simple and effective nailcare

Nail-biting, manicures that cut cuticles, and never removing nail polish are just three of the many mistakes women make with their fingertips. If you make any of these mistakes, you may feel like you’ll never have the beautiful, strong nails you want. Enter: fingernail mask.

What is a fingernail mask?

Just like the hair and mask, the nail mask applies active ingredients to your hands in a concentrated form to moisturize and strengthen your nails and surrounding skin. But they do it through simpler, cleaner packaging.

 The nail film not only locks in essential moisture, but delivers it quickly in a concentrated dose. It goes without saying that when choosing a fingernail mask, you should be looking for ultra-hydrating ingredients. That is why we, your Korean manufacturer partner, made sure of having a ready-to-go formulation, with its stability already tested, as a private label option in our manufacturing services. Our fingernail mask:

  • It was developed to strengthen and protect nails & cuticles. 
  • Fits all 10 fingernails. Each to tear from each other to use.
  • Contains Argan Oil and Coconut Extract, which helps to moisturize and condition rough cuticles. 
  • Includes Paraffin Wax to provide nutrients for nails to grow healthy.

These nail wraps are filled with a blend of argan oil, coconut extract, and paraffin to strengthen, protect, and condition your nails and cuticles. It also moisturizes the skin and prevents brittle nails from snapping. 

For anyone with dry and damaged nails, these nail wraps are for you! It removes rough skin around the nail and helps repair damage from previous gel and/or glitter polishes. The result: strong, beautiful and moisturized fingers! That is why a fingernail mask is a perfect way to expand your beauty business. 

How to use it? 

With sheet masks gaining popularity among skincare lovers, the logical next step would be sheet masks that can be applied easily and cleanly to nails. You simply dip your finger into each pre-conditioned mini slot, wait the allotted time, and toss them when you’re done.

Are you looking for a Korean Cosmetic Manufacturer to expand your beauty line and need a Korean manufacturer services partner? You can count on our and our partner’s manufacturing services to do so.

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