Body Cooling Gel – the perfect solution for summer

Because of menthol, our body cooling gel increases cutaneous blood flow and cooling sensation alongside reduced intramuscular and skin temperature., making it the perfect solution for summer. Our ready-to-go, stability already tested formulation for private label:  

Has cooling effect

It gives a cooling effect after a bath or shower during summer 

With Menthol 

Provides freshness and cooling feelings after you take shower during hot weather 

Gel Tube Type 

Apply and rinse in the shower, and it eliminates stickiness or discomfort. Also, it moisturizes and smooths your skin. 

What are the benefits of a body cooling gel? 

Boost microcirculation

It can improve skin-cell turnover (our natural exfoliating process that slows with age), creating a smoother, glower surface. 

Helps keep skin firm 

It reduces inflammation, which breaks down collagen over time.

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