World Environment Day: cruelty-free, sustainable, recyclable cosmetics

What is considered sustainable production?

A Sustainable production is a set of practices related to the acquisition of products and services that aim to reduce or even eliminate impacts on the environment. These are positive attitudes that preserve natural resources, maintaining the ecological balance of our planet. Typically, sustainable products are available according to the following characteristics:

• less use of natural resources;

• reduction of toxic or hazardous materials;

• longer service life;

• lower consumption of energy or water in its production and/or use;

• possibility of recycling or reuse;

• waste reduction.

Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, we must be more careful with what we put on it, so, in addition to being safer, the benefits of these types of products are numerous. The fact of the matter about our skin is that everything we put on it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and can circulate throughout the body. It may not sound like much, but using beauty products made only with natural ingredients can help you look good and feel better inside out. Many factories and beauty brands destroy the environment to harvest their ingredients. As companies that embrace sustainable manufacturing want to balance the ecosystem, they spend their time and money making products that contribute to a greener, more conscious world. Shopping not only preserves nature, but it also saves the lives of all the animals that live there. To introduce you to this universe of sustainable products, SourcingLab listed 5 ecological, natural, and cruelty-free brands for you to consume the best for yourself and the planet and, to make you more aware of what sustainable possibilities are ​​for your brand or new product.


This Brazilian brand is a pioneer in creating and developing innovative formulas for beauty products. The company uses a sustainable factory partner to create ecological makeup, bio cosmetics with dermatological tests, and natural and sustainable sunscreen throughout the production and packaging chain. Always keeping the focus on socio-environmental sustainability and respect for Mother Nature, people, and animals. CEO Soraia Zonta and Director of Innovation at Bioart Biocosmetics founded the company after having a skin problem. The CEO suffered from severe allergies on her face due to the use of conventional toxic cosmetics, so she soon had the motivation to create Bioart, in addition to her concern for the environment. Today, she is the first woman and cosmetics company in Brazil to adopt a sustainable business model recommended by the united nations.


ĀTHR Beauty is a clean and sustainable beauty brand. This means that each ingredient is scrutinized to ensure that it is non-toxic and that it also complies with sustainability practices. They are committed to using organic, fair-trade and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible and ban over 2700 ingredients in their formulas. 100% vegan and cruelty-free forever. « Clean beauty means a clear conscience! » This means that it’s non-toxic vegan formulas, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. The recyclable and waste-free packaging brings only what’s good to the world. ĀTHR is not just a shimmering eyelid or a bright cheekbone, it’s a beauty with lasting benefits for your skin with nourishing ingredients for you.

No animal suffers from the manufacture of its products. They treat all beings with the respect and love they deserve. They are certified as Vegan and Cruelty-Free. They launched the industry’s first zero-waste eyeshadow palette. With soy-based paints and aluminum frying pans for eyeshadows, to the recycled palette, box, and tarot card with FSC certification. Their products are 100% recyclable.


A Brazilian-German company that works with respect for health, natural resources, and animals, committed to a fairer and more ethical world, in which we can live, contributing to the maintenance of biodiversity on our planet. They are present in several countries in Europe. Always prioritizing the use of natural or organic inputs and raw materials, not derived from animals, not tested on animals, and free of toxic ingredients. BAIMS products were inspired by nature. Formulas of 100% natural origin and with a selection of certified organic ingredients, developed exclusively in specialized laboratories in Europe, with greater know-how and technology in

natural makeup. They seek to use more bamboo and less plastic, offering packaging with an exclusive design and a refill system. The makeup is 100% natural, organic and vegan in origin and therefore works as an extension of your daily skincare.

Face it

FACE IT is a specific carioca brand of vegan lipsticks with natural, toxic, and gluten-free ingredients. You can find candy and liquid lipsticks, and they also have lipstick combos to offer their customers. The brand’s mission, through its products, is to make society aware of the benefits of consuming cruelty-free and animal-free lines, in addition to offering high-quality sustainable cosmetics. With the commitment and satisfaction of its customers, FACE IT presents as the highlight of its collections the line of vegan lipsticks with natural actives, which treat, color, and smooth the lips with emollient, moisturizing, and high-performance formulas.


Perfume and lipstick specialists are on a mission to provide cosmetics and fragrances that are formulated from scratch, handcrafted, and produced in small batches at their laboratory located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, using only the finest ingredients. Thus founder Hannah created Aromi based on a passion for chemistry and all things beauty products. She is a formulation chemist by profession and worked in the field for years before starting Aromi. They firmly believe that the use of animal-derived raw materials in their cosmetics is completely unnecessary. They do not test any of their products on animals and also do not use raw materials that have been tested on animals – Aromi is cruelty-free! They are certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Nor do they sell or ship the products in countries that require animal testing.

SourcingLab Services

SourcingLab is engaged for the environment; we support and help our customers in their goal to launch sustainable and earth-respectful products.

First of all, our company can help you to create formulas with ingredients from natural origins. Our awareness of the different natural alternatives of chemicals and, the exclusive access to a lot of organic patented ingredients, are some of the multiple advantages that we give to our customers. We also provide eco-friendly packaging that you can recycle, reduce and refill. Our partners develop packaging structures that are easy to recycle, in compliance with the packaging recycling law. They are trying to reduce more and more the use of plastic in their existing products. The packagings we provide can be made with only one material or made of 100% recyclable resin. The pumps are also metal-free. Most of our packaging are Ecocert certified.

You can also choose the refillable packaging, made of recycled plastic or bio-resin. This choice will reduce the rate of plastic use. Finally, the standardization of our packaging optimizes the recycling rate. We make sure to work with partners that care about their impact on the environment. Their engineers are working every day to reduce plastic and carbon emissions by measuring them and minimizing their energy consumption.

Choosing SourcingLab is making the choice to protect our planet and respect your customers by offering them quality and sustainable cosmetics! To get in touch with our team and start your inquiry, fill out the contact form below!

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