What are the airless pumps? Why do they benefit your beauty brand?

Sustainable packaging options and airless pumps are taking over the world, online or offline, everywhere in the media brands are taking a stand on environmental concerns and making themselves environmentally friendly.

Sourcing-Lab is a cosmetic manufacturing service supplier which helps beauty brands to create new products and lines made in South Korea, sustainably. Following our guidelines our blogpost of today will talk about one of our solutions for sustainability:



The airless pumps bottle is a non-pressurized vacuum dispensing system that uses a mechanical pump in the bottle. When you press the pump, the disc in the bottle rises to push the product out of the pump. Once the bottle is filled, the material stored in the bottle will be preserved and maintain its integrity until it is used up. Airless pumps packaging will help extend the shelf life of the final product.

What are the advantages of using an Airless Pump?

The airless pump also helps the product to be 100% used, meaning no residue will remain inside the packaging, as the vacuum will allow all of the product to be caught by the pump.

The airless pump also removes the need for some aluminum and steel springs, making the packaging a lot more recyclable.

Increasing the shelf-life of the airless pump can also be helpful to prevent the high percentage of preservatives in the formulation, making your organic product, more natural.

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