So, what is K-beauty all about? What are our private label products?

Korean beauty tries to use natural and weird ingredients, like snail mucin or bee propolis, focusing on nourishing and pampering the skin, instead of simply covering the imperfections, although Kbeauty also does that very well. KBeauty is known for its unique recipes. Get through our full blogpost to know about our Private Label Cosmetic Options.

There are a few things rumored to make Korean beauty and skincare excellent. First, the extremely competitive environment causes the price, innovation, and quality to increase.

South Korea exports more than $2.6 billion in beauty products annually, according to the nation’s customs agency. K-beauty is now found in luxury department stores such as Barneys New York and Bergdorf Goodman, which carry high-end Korean labels.

“Korean beauty rode that wave of wellness,” says Larissa Jensen, a beauty analyst at NPD Group. “It also was fun—bubbling masks and foaming masks that people could share on Instagram.”

Korea is also one of few countries with “functional cosmetics,” Cho said, a given title for anti-wrinkle, elasticity-boosting, pigment-fading, and sunscreen properties.

As the days go by more and more foreign cosmetics companies close business with Korean manufacturers, the examples are PeachandLily, Lazada, Jinme, Glow Recipe, and many others.

The key reasons for KBeauty fame globally are:

Better quality, efficiency, safety, high productivity as well as low price.

Finally, check below our 5 Clean-Beauty Formulations Ready for Private Label or White Label:

Vitamin Serum Cleanser:

Check our post for full details about this Vitamin Serum Cleanser made with a full aspect of products and inspired at @goodal_official.

2. Cleansing Vita Balm:

The sherbet-type texture melts smoothly on the skin, making it dark. Cleans off old dead skin cells to provide lively skin.

Smooth Melted Orange Sherbet Texture The texture that melts gently in response to the temperature of the skin is the makeup residue. Cleanses cleans and moisturizes the skin.

All-in-One Cleansing Cleansing is done with one cleansing balm without going through many steps such as cleansing water or foam. After the reverse cycle and emulsification process, from skin residue to dark makeup, Cleansing All-in-One Cleanser.

Contains Vitamin Tree Fruit Extract and Vitamin Derivatives It contains vitamin-rich ingredients to take care of vibrant bright skin.

3. Cleansing Steam Balm:

It is a steam mask type containing five oils that melts warm on the skin. Nourishing cleansing balm to clear dark makeup and old dead skin cells. The vaseline-like texture feels nutritious. The texture melts gently in response to the temperature of the skin, with added warmth relaxing the skin from external stress.
Cleanses makeup thoroughly. All-in-one Cleansing for Tired Skin With one cleansing balm, without going through many steps, such as cleansing water or foam.

All-in-one cleanser that cleanses dark makeup residue from the skin. Cleansing and Massaging with Five Oil Blends! It gives a massage effect to irritated and tired skin all day with a subtle warmth. It contains high nutrition and moisturizing seed oil to provide a moist and glossy finish.

Vegetable Fatty Acid Pumping Cleanser:

Cleansing foam that has hardened over time and has been unable to pump! It’s made of fatty acids from plants, which can be pumped conveniently. The pump-type container is available! For regular foam cleansers that used existing fatty acids. As time goes by, the hardness goes up, tube the container. There was a restriction that should only be used as a vegetable. Use of fatty acids to also use pump-type containers Empowering large capacity, hygiene, and convenience. Meringue-like, soft, dense foam. Dense, fluffy foam, waste in the pores. Neatly removed and moisturized. Helps with pleasant cleansing.

Elite Clay Moisture Pack

Illite and Hyaluronic acid meet to make it a mock-up. Clay Mask Pack for Moisturizing. Enable Illight Clay _ Skin purification effect It is a natural clay mineral that helps clean the skin by adsorbing waste. Maintains smooth skin with anions and far-infrared rays and makes skin transparent and clear. _ Problematic Skin Improvement It improves skin trouble through deodorization, purification, and detoxification, preventing bacteria from reproducing and taking care of healthy skin. /2 Moist Dry Packs compared to other companies Not only do beneficial minerals contract the skin, giving it elasticity, but they also contain hyaluronic acid to soothe and moisturize the skin.  •   +82 10 3009 2438

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