Red signal peeling pads – Recommended by experts

Peeling Pads are one of the most effective beauty products on the market – often highly recommended by dermatologists and skincare experts. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and they reveal a smoother, more radiant surface underneath. 

Interested in? Read on to learn what exfoliating pads are and how to make them part of your skincare routine.

Moreover, find out how Sourcinglab, your Korean cosmetics manufacturer partner, can help your beauty brand to expand your portfolio. Here’s what you need to know:

What are peel pads?

Peeling pads are skin care products that you use at night to exfoliate and brighten your complexion. Typically, exfoliating pads are used after cleansing—all you have to do is wipe one pad over your face and continue moisturizing. Peeling pads can use two forms of exfoliation—mechanical and chemical.

While mechanical exfoliation is the physical removal of the skin’s surface, chemical exfoliation involves the use of products formulated with ingredients or enzymes that help chemically break down these dead skin cell buildups. Peeling pads offer the best of both exfoliation methods. The pads themselves are multi-layered for mechanical exfoliation—they’re often pre-soaked in acid for chemical exfoliation.

How to use peeling pads?

A peeling pad is a product designed to exfoliate and brighten the skin. Typically, you’d use it at night after cleansing, followed by serum and moisturizer, and then you’d just rub it all over your face. Maybe just do it 2–3 times a week, and eventually, you can gradually improve.

Regardless of your skin type, however, it’s not necessary to use an exfoliating pad the same night you use your face scrub and cleansing brush—it’s just too harsh. Over-exfoliating is the biggest mistake people make with facial scrub pads, so remember, go slow and steady. Plus: Treat any type of exfoliating pad with broad-spectrum SPF during the day!

Our ready-to-go formulation of red signal peeling pads, with its stability already tested: 

  • Contains high content of AHA an exfoliating ingredient, to take care of radiant skin
  • Exfoliates nose, forehead, and other areas without irritation
  • Smoothing skin texture and moisturizing 

What Concerns Have Peeling Pads Been Designed To Treat?

Our red signal peeling pads can solve many problems. From general aging, acne, blackheads, and clogged pores – most exfoliating pads are infused with some form of acid, the dose is measured for you in a pre-soaked pad – making exfoliating/treating these a little easier.

However, since peel pads are made with AHAs, if you have sensitive, irritated, or irritated skin, it’s best to look for a gentler product. Plus, these days you can also find intensive exfoliating pads that contain ingredients like antioxidants, aloe vera, and even peptides to strengthen skin that might be better suited to repairing its barrier.

Can Peeling Pads Be Used On Your Body?

Exfoliating pads don’t just have to be used on the face, either. Been using these exfoliating pads to get rid of my fake tan all the time. Especially on nasty spots like knees and elbows where the fake tan clings.

The trusty exfoliating pads are even used to treat a skin condition called keratosis pilaris—it’s so common, it might even be something you’ll have to deal with at some point. It refers to those dry/rough patches and tiny bumps that you usually find on your upper arms. Although, you can apply them to areas like thighs and cheeks. They never hurt, but are usually caused by a buildup of keratin in the skin.

All skin types can use them

A common misconception is that exfoliating pads are too harsh for sensitive skin types, but experts claim they work for everyone—especially if you don’t go the extra mile elsewhere. Think of exfoliating pads as a gentle skin resurfacing tool. Not only are they a solution for large pores, but they can also address uneven skin tone, rough texture, and discoloration. You’ll find that they also prime and prime the skin, so it can better absorb any follow-on products — like serums, moisturizers, or oils — for better results.


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