International Private Label Brands

Once you know what to look for in a company, it’s time to search for specific private label cosmetics wholesalers and manufacturers that fit your needs. There are countless ways to find great companies, but we’ve put together some advice here to get you started. Based on our research and the number of positive reviews these manufacturers have received, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular international private label cosmetics manufacturers.

  1. Onoxa

Onoxa offers a simple and efficient process for those looking to start their own skincare line: choose your formula, choose your packaging and brand your business. The Onoxa team is responsible for everything from concept to product creation. They also offer free label design services for product orders. Their customer reviews not only rave about the product itself, but also how easy it is to get started.

  1. Nardo’s Naturals

Nardo’s Naturals is one of the few organic private label cosmetics manufacturers offering a wide range of skincare and CBD-based products. They also have the added bonus of providing free label and box design with every order. 

  1. Mineral Mine

Mineral Mine is a full-service private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in mineral cosmetics that blend all natural mineral pigments in their proprietary formulas.

  1. Lady Burd

With a wide range of formulas and thousands of color options, Lady Burd makes it easy to find the perfect blend. Lady Burd also offers custom blends developed in consultation with in-house chemists.

  1. Radical Cosmetics 

Radical Cosmetics is a family run private label cosmetics manufacturer specializing in color cosmetics and skin care products. Each product is produced domestically.

  1. Audrey Morris

One of the oldest private-label cosmetics manufacturers in the United States, Audrey Morris offers a line of traditionally formulated and mineral-based cosmetics. A wide range of in-store product packaging and product displays allows you to launch new cosmetic collections quickly and easily.

  1. Mana 

Mana is a high-quality domestic private label manufacturer of color cosmetics, skin care and hair care products, and a GMP-compliant cosmetics manufacturer.

  1. Pinnacle Cosmetics

Based primarily in Canada, Pinnacle Cosmetics supplies a number of brands with quality cosmetics and skincare products. Pinnacle has a quick turnaround time and even has preset bestseller collections, so you can start your private label business in a matter of weeks. 

  1. Indigo

Indigo Private Label Cosmetics is built on generations of experience in the cosmetics industry and their service proves it. Indigo has no minimum requirements and is a great option for those just starting out. 

  1. Dynamic Blending 

As a full-line private label manufacturer, Dynamic Blending offers a range of turnkey cosmetic and skincare products, as well as more specialized products such as eyelash growth serums and custom essential oil blends. Dynamic Blending offers very low minimum order quantities, making it a solid option for those interested in small-scale market testing. 

Choosing a international private label manufacturer is one of the most important decisions you will make when starting your cosmetics business. We work with cosmetics brands of all sizes, helping them create compelling custom folding boxes and packaging labels. Our team is happy to answer all your cosmetic labeling questions and help you choose the best type of label for your cosmetic product. Contact us.  •   +82 10 3009 2438

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