Famous K-Beauty brands

Instagramable packaging and novel beauty ingredients, affordable prices, and mass-responsive production capabilities. The strength of Korean cosmetics has been highly evaluated, and “K-Beauty” has become a keyword for selected cosmetics. Large European and American cosmetic manufacturers, multinational companies and investment banks such as Estee Lauder noticed this fact and began to actively invest in “K-Beauty” brands. And now, high-quality Korean cosmetics are becoming a big category in the global market.

Check out some famous K-Beauty brands

1. About me 

ABOUT ME is a K-beauty brand under the Samyang Group established in 1924. Their philosophy is “different ingredients, different results”. They create products with 100 years of experience in various industries including food production, chemical and biomedical.

2. Dr. G

Backed by a team of dermatologists and skin care experts, this premium cosmeceutical brand provides clinical-quality solutions to skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dullness, dryness, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea and sensitivity.

3. Amuse

Influenced by Seoul’s lifestyle, culture and vibrant colors, Korean brand AMUSE offers a collection of simple and iconic beauty essentials that inspire users to express themselves through cosmetics. Its clean, vegan and sustainable products are manufactured with the environment in mind. The brand is best known for Dew Tint, Dew Velvet and Chou Velvet. All AMUSE products are 100% made in Korea

4. Etude 

Designed for young women, the Korean beauty brand’s products come in a variety of colors and whimsical packaging. ETUDE is known for its Moistful Collagen range and Soon Jung range, which includes 2x Barrier Intensive Cream and pH 5.5 Relief Toner for sensitive skin. The brand also has an impressive line of hand, body and foot care products, not to mention cutely designed hair and makeup tools


This brand offers high quality and affordable Korean beauty products including skincare and makeup. Founded in 2000, this beauty trends company offers a wide range of skincare and makeup products to keep your skin radiant. It is popular for its premium line of BB creams and skin care products. Missha uses strict quality standards and natural ingredients to create Kbeauty products that sell well around the world.

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