Hair soap: bar shampoo and treatment perfect for beauty and cleansing


Hair shampoo soap was thought for a safe cleaning that makes your hair look and feel just as good as a bottled one would, because its formula is especially designed. 

  1. It has rich foam that helps your scalp clean and healthy with herbal extracts. 
  2. Also, our hair shampoo uses a plant-based surfactant derived from coconut and is effective for plastic-free and zero-waste.

Take all the cleansing and conditioning ingredients out of the liquid shampoo, pour off the water, and you have a shampoo bar. Because they contain no water, the shampoo bars don’t require plastic containers, making them more sustainable, it is ideal for travel as they are much lighter. Shampoo bars do the same thing as regular shampoo, but they’re solid instead of liquid.

 Shampoo bars are a game changer, as use and waste can be reduced by adding water itself. Yet, they still create the lather we all know and love, and are formulated to be less prone to shedding than traditional soaps. You can even get matching nourishing bars that provide some serious hydration. 


Following very similar principles of shampoo soaps, hair treatment soap also provides for your hair whatever nutrients and treatment it may need. 

  1. This soap is a treatment and conditioner rinse bar for damaged hair containing Shea Butter and Argan oil.
  2. We count with a natural hair treatment and conditioner formula made of solid form with high concentration, which allows you to get much more results while wasting way less. 
  3. Although it’s a bar type, it does not dissolve easily in water, so it can be used for a long time.

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