Body and face soaps: a perfect way to feel beautiful

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Body and face soaps are becoming more popular amongst customers, especially in Europe.
Nowadays, soap doesn’t just have to be for the hands, they have all kinds of soaps covering
skincare, hair care, and body care.

Thinking about the high demand for body and face soaps, we, along with our Korean
Cosmetic Manufacturer partners, created ready-to-go formulations with stability tested and a
full marketing concept for private labels.

Check our body and face options out:

Lotion soap

Lotion soaps are a kind of cleanser that also contains moisturizing lotion. They are
recommended to be used on your hands and body (they can close the pores of your face so
their use is not ideal). They are perfect for people with dry skin, especially in winter, when
the air is dryer.

● Only nutrients in the skin, made into a safe formulation
● Cruelty-free
● Crafted from natural ingredients that children can also use

Enriched with:
● Shea butter: moisturizing/ anti-aging and skin protection
● Jojoba C Oil: moisturizing/ antioxidant effect
● Kakao Seed Butter: moisturizing

Cleanser soap

Its formula contains active cleansers to help you with the most important part of your
skincare routine or keep the rest of your body clean and fresh all day, by clearing away
grime, excess oils, debris and environmental impurities.

● It’s an all-in-one solid cleanser bar for the face and the body
● This soap gently removes skin waste from the face and body skin and helps
plant-derived oils and extracts create moist
● With natural essential oil, the scent stays for a long time even after washing,
making you feel refreshed.

Low-Ph soap

A low-pH cleanser is formulated to be slightly acidic to be compatible with the skin’s
natural pH level; under 5.5 and ideally between 4.0 and 5.0. Low-Ph soap effectively gets rid
of oil, dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and environmental impurities without unbalancing the acid
mantle of your skin, while making it look and feel good.
● It is the mildest type of soap, maintaining a mild acidity of pH 5 to 6, which is most
similar to the pH of the skin

Enriched with:
● Shea butter: moisturizing/ anti-aging and skin protection
● Jojoba C Oil: moisturizing/ antioxidant effect
● Kakao Seed Butter: moisturizing

SourcingLab is Korea’s leading international cosmetic development firm with access
to the latest formulations in Skincare, Makeup, Hair & Body Care. Ours and our partner’s
manufacturing services measure up to the market. Our clients range from global major
corporations to well-funded startups. SourcingLab will guide you through the process from
Conceptualization, Branding, and Design through Development to Production, Regulatory
Compliance, and Logistics. With an International Team and a streamlined process, we will
help you go to market fast and clean.

Are you interested in finding a Korean Cosmetic Manufacturer to expand your beauty
line? We are the way to go! Body and face soaps are a great opportunity to make your brand
grow, contact us  •   +82 10 3009 2438

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Republic of Korea; Postal code: 03161