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As The Dropper Bottles Company, known for our long track record of expertise and quality manufacturing and service, Sourcing-Lab is the world’s leading manufacturer of cosmetic dropper bottle packaging for skincare, hair, nails, and liquid makeup.

One of the biggest comebacks in the cosmetic packaging industry in recent years has been dropper bottles. Thanks to the advent of cosmetic oils and other new liquid formulations such as highlighters, glitters, and colorants, the retro cosmeceutical design of dropper bottles is now back in vogue and taking its place in the color makeup category.

Consumers are looking for the functionality and style of current cosmetic packaging, and while the use of “disposable applicators” is rapidly disappearing, the integration of formulas and applicators is one way forward.

The integration of the formula and applicator provides an arrangement that is easy to understand and simple to use, and the dropper bottle is a perfect example of this growing market. Dropper bottles convey a luxurious and natural feel as they pay homage to the gorgeous retro style of the 1930s. They deliver the exact dose of a drop or two of liquid or oil, giving you precise control over how much formula you use.

The cosmetic packaging feature of the dropper bottle also ensures safety in use as it protects the formula from contamination from use as only one drop at a time comes into contact with external elements, making the rest of the formula safe.

SOURCINGLAB offers a range of plastic and glass droppers for a variety of applications. We are proud to serve the pharmaceutical, diagnostic, nutraceutical, and cosmetic industries with our dropper and container options.

Try combining our droppers with plastic or glass bottles to store and dispense many products, such as medicines, vitamins, food coloring, dyes, or aroma oils! Choose from a variety of dropper container sizes, including glass, plastic, and glass vials.

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