Double Wall Airless Bottles Packaging – Private Label Packaging

A lot of our clients want to know what are the full range of packaging we offer, that’s why we prepared for you below some of the benefits of our Double Wall Airless Bottles.

  1. Airless bottle and double wall bottle dispenser are perfect packaging for skin care products such as gels, lotions, serums, creams and cleansers etc.
  2. The vacuum system is stored to prevent the contents from being oxidized and keep the ingredients intact.
  3. Elegant double-wall bottle design, giving designers more decorative options.
  4. The inner bottle is made of PP (polypropylene), a green and environmentally friendly material, with good chemical resistance.
  5. The airless pumping system is fully transportable, evacuating almost 100% of the product.
  6. Create your own unique image and choose different donors below.
  7. We can realize your idea by customizing the color and two processes of UV varnishing, varnishing, metallizing, silk-screening, bronzing, etc.

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