Sourcing-Lab: Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers

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Get to know why Sourcing-Lab has the best private label cosmetic manufacturers.

• SOURCING-LAB’s extensive knowledge in beauty product development

• High-quality mass cosmetics

• Custom Manufacturing Solutions

• Beauty product manufacturers

• environment safety

• Private label skincare products

SOURCING-LAB is a private label cosmetic manufacturers company from Korea with outstanding expertise in skin and hair care. We have a wide range of clients around the world and an incredible ability to develop product lines to meet any professional need.

We specialize in the production and marketing of state-of-the-art private label cosmetics, suitable for use in the Sanke and Cosmetics sectors, providing personalized service to global brands. We manufacture in Korea to maintain the long-term quality and authenticity recognized by many different brands around the world.

What makes us different from other private label cosmetic manufacturers companies?

Extensive knowledge to help you create your own beauty products.

Why choose SOURCING-LAB Cosmetics as a partner? Long story short: we know our business very well.

If you want to outsource the entire process of developing and manufacturing your new cosmetic products, as well as bottling, assembly, and packaging, our experts are here to guide you step by step until you achieve the desired results. We are willing to be partners and share our expertise with you like best friends.

Or, if we just need to mass-produce your recipe for your team to fill, assemble, and package themselves, we can help. We are not jealous.

High-quality bulk cosmetic production.

When it comes to quality, you have no doubts about HSA. As a cosmetic supplier and manufacturer for over 30 years, HSA Cosmetics is able to meet all the needs of the beauty industry.

Cosmetics and skincare lines, professional hair care products, and more: we support you. Whatever your needs, we always strictly comply with legal and quality assurance requirements throughout the production process.

Our private label range is also suitable for chains of salons, spas, or hair salons who wish to offer their clients beauty products under their own name. Each of our private label cosmetics is carefully crafted to be as innovative and original as possible to meet the wishes and needs of each client.

Top 6 Korean Private Label Skincare Manufacturers

1.    Cosvision Co., Ltd.

COSVISION is a well-known professional manufacturer of ODM and OEM cosmetics in Korea. The company was acquired by Amorepacific Group in 2011, effectively enhancing the manufacturer’s credibility.
Their state-of-the-art facility is known for producing some of the best skincare, makeup, body and hair products in the world. Cosvision uses clean manufacturing processes to manufacture products that meet or exceed global standards. With Cosvision, you can rest assured that you are always getting the highest quality K-Beauty private label products. Over the years, the manufacturer has demonstrated its capabilities in R&D and production.
The laboratory is currently one of the best color development research institutions in China. At this facility, experts have been working to develop, test and improve existing product formulations based on research and market needs.

2. Black Bird Skincare

Skincare manufacturer Blackbird has more than 10 years of R&D and production experience. The company currently has more than 6,000 different OEM cosmetic formulations. Additionally, Blackbird specializes in the formulation, testing and production of private label skin care products.
They also offer professional label design and printing services at affordable prices. It is the leading one-stop Korean private label skincare manufacturer. One thing that sets them apart is that they impose a relatively low minimum order quantity (MOQ). To save you the trouble, Black Label can help you design and/or print labels for private label products. This way, they can ensure you receive unique labels and meet compliance requirements in your region. At Black Bird, you can choose from a variety of packaging options. This includes a range of jars, bottles, pouches and pouches to suit different business needs.

3. Cosmecca Korea, Co. Ltd

Cosmecca Korea is a world leader in the production of innovative and high-quality products. The company is known for delivering satisfying results to skincare brands outside of the Korean market. Their facilities have modern R&D and manufacturing facilities that meet global standards.
This manufacturer inspires creativity in OEM cosmetic manufacturing, making the manufacturer a trendsetter in the industry. So you can rely on them to turn your Korean skincare product dreams into reality. Cosmecca has invested heavily in its research and development department. This enables the company to develop innovative cosmetic products

4. KBL Cosmetics

The company specializes in full-service private label manufacturing in its accredited facilities.
Beyond manufacturing, KBL Cosmetics uses its experience to provide clients with insight into industry trends. They are also known for providing satisfactory R&D services.

Currently, they boast of such certifications as the GMP Certification, Organic Certification, ISO:9001 Certification, and FDA Certification. Over the years, the company has invested in state-of-the-art development and manufacturing facilities. This allows them to customize every aspect of your private label cosmetics. The company is passionate about consistently delivering high-quality K-Beauty products.


Cosmax is one of the first ODM K-Beauty product manufacturers to set foot in international markets such as the US, China and Southeast Asia. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has not given up on research and development. The launch of flagship products like the Cushion Foundation is a testament to the manufacturer’s success in this area. Cosmax is not a big manufacturer of scale and capacity; it happens to be one of the most popular Korean manufacturers. The facility is dedicated to exploring unexplored areas of the cosmetic industry. This enables manufacturers to showcase product ideas that break the rules and set trends. Their manufacturing facilities and processes have been reviewed and accredited by the leading regulatory bodies across the world. 

6. Kolmar Korea

Kolmar Korea is one of the oldest private label cosmetic manufacturers in Korea. This makes it one of the most experienced companies in developing and manufacturing K-Beauty products.
To date, Kolmar is a trusted manufacturing partner for more than 500 private label cosmetic brands worldwide. Kolmar has refined and improved its development and production facilities, processes and technologies, and has invested relentlessly in the research and development of cosmetic formulations. The company already has thousands of unique and attractive product formulations to choose from and provides all necessary services from formulation and testing to production and packaging.

Similar to branded cosmetics, private-label skincare products are legally required to meet certain quality and safety thresholds. Therefore, you must choose your Korean private label skincare manufacturer more carefully

Sourcing-Lab is one-stop solution to start your beauty brand with Korean Cosmetic Manufacturers, we work together with Korean Cosmetic manufacturers to ensure that your brand has all the details that you need from packaging and formulation to documentation. Would you like to see all of our private label formulations available for rebranding? Visit us on Instagram:  •   +82 10 3009 2438

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