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Nowadays, there are different types of soap available for almost every use. It is the
combination and addition of some ingredients that make them different. When it comes to
beauty soaps, there’s a great variety – of uses and formulas. Check out some examples of
kinds of soap in the beauty industry available with our soap manufacturing:

Bar soaps

They are the best options in the market for body wash, because of the lower price range,
capacity of cleaning and moisturizing at the same time, and sustainability, for there is much
less or even no plastic in its packaging. Also, they need much less energy to be produced in our soap manufacturing process and are just as effective as liquid ones.

Facial soaps

Cleansing is the first and most important step of a skincare routine. Although the process itself
is pretty easy, choosing the right one for your skin can be tricky, especially with all of the
options available on the market. With time, patience, and, if possible, a dermatologist’s help,
you can find out what’s a type of your skin and purchase the best facial soap for you.

Shampoo soaps

Made out of ingredients that your hair appreciates, shampoo soaps can now come in bars,
being an excellent sustainable choice, for shampoo bars are often minimally packaged in
recyclable cardboard or reusable containers. Another advantage of using shampoo soaps is
that they come more concentrated than bottled ones, due to much lower water content.

As was said before, the variety of beauty soaps is great and tends to be even greater. We,
from SourcingLab, produce a lot of different kinds of soap for your hair, body, and skincare
routine. Here are some examples of very popular items we produce in our soap manufacturing process:

Crystal soap

Inspired by crystals or stones, these soaps are made of coconut oil, glycerin & essential oils.
They embrace imperfection, as one is never like the other, just like a real gemstone. Crystal
soaps can be a beautiful detail, that also cleans, your bathroom or powder room.

Hair shampoo soap

If you were to wash your hair only with soap, certainly the oil and dirt would come off, but it
would leave your hair to be dry, hard, and frizzy. Hair shampoo soap was thought for a safe
cleaning that makes your hair look and feel just as good as a bottled one would because its
formula is specially designed.

Hair treatment soap

If you think washing your hair is as far as bars can go, solid hair treatment came to demystify
that. Following the same principles of sustainability and quality of shampoo soaps, these
soaps also provide for your hair whatever nutrients and treatment it may need.

Lotion soap

Lotion soaps are a kind of cleanser that also contains moisturizing lotion. They are
recommended to be used on your hands and body (it can close the pores of your face so its
use is not ideal). They are perfect for people with dry skin, especially in winter, when the air
is dryer.

Cleanser soap

Its formula contains active cleansers to help you with the most important part of your
skincare routine or keep the rest of your body clean and fresh all day, by clearing away
grime, excess oils, debris, and environmental impurities.

Low-Ph soap

A low-pH cleanser is formulated to be slightly acidic to be compatible with
the skin’s natural pH level; under 5.5 and ideally between 4.0 and 5.0. Low-Ph soap
effectively gets rid of oil, dirt, debris, dead skin cells, and environmental impurities without
unbalancing the acid mantle of your skin, while making it look and feel good.
Each of them is made by us with the best ingredients and formulas that will help you reach
your goal of healthy and beautiful skin, hair, and body.

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