Zero blackhead bubble nose mask – Smart and easy extraction

It goes without saying that acne comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One commontype that you may notice from time to time is blackheads. Also known as open comedones,this non-inflammatory form of acne can usually be removed with any combination ofexfoliation and extraction. Our zero blackhead bubble nose mask is able to remove themefficiently. […]

Red signal peeling pads – Recommended by experts

peeling pads

Peeling Pads are one of the most effective beauty products on the market – often highly recommended by dermatologists and skincare experts. Gently exfoliates dead skin cells, and they reveal a smoother, more radiant surface underneath.  Interested in? Read on to learn what exfoliating pads are and how to make them part of your skincare […]

Red signal peeling pads – Skincare essential

red signal peeling pads

You’ve probably heard that exfoliating is a beneficial skincare step if you want to maintain your radiant complexion. Yes, it is real! Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells that have accumulated on the surface of the skin. These deposits can make your skin look dull, which is the opposite of what you […]

Pore refining black pads: perfect for appearance of healthy skin

Pore refining pads

What are pore refining pads?  Pores are necessary for the production of sweat and sebum, which help form the skin’s natural barrier against environmental aggressors and keep skin supple. However, excessive oil production can lead to enlarged and clogged pores. To solve that problem, Sourcinglab, your partner Korean cosmetics manufacturer, developed daily sebum care that gently […]

Glitter eye petals – The key to a radiant eye area

Glitter eye petals - The key to a radiant eye area

Want to get rid of dark circles for a radiant, firm, wrinkle-free eye area? Try our glitter eye petals. The petals are a thicker and denser hydrogel and are infused with highly concentrated essence. After the first application, they provide a feeling of moisture, increasing the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Regular use can […]

Dual action gel eye mask – A powerful skincare addition

Dual action under-eye gel mask

A pack of different types of under-eye gel pads. Each type of eye gel mask has its benefits, but all have powerful effects. They are also easy to use. The patches are impregnated with a special gel that helps them stay in place. The under-eye gel pads are non-slip and cause absolutely no discomfort during […]

Big cleansing tissues – The perfect way to boost self-care

big cleansing tissues

Cleansing tissues are little wipes that come in handy when we’re looking for a quick fix to boost our self-care routine, or just when we’re too lazy to remove our makeup or sunscreen. Cleansing tissues are pre-soaked wipes that give your face and body a quick clean when you’re on the go or when you […]

Petal under-eye patch – An easy mini-spa appointment

A quick and easy mini-spa appointment for anyone to treat the delicate skin around the eyes,under-eye patch is a great way to reduce the signs of aging. Our petal under-eye patch specifically cares for soft, firm, healthier, and clearer skin.This product’s formulation has its stability already tested and is ready to go as a private […]