Korean Female beauty standards and cosmetics

Korean Female beauty standards and cosmetics

Korean beauty standards: referred to the preferences in features and traits that the Korean society has deemed the closest to an ideal beauty image. It’s normal for people to create standards for themselves that define beauty, there are even entire parts of the brain dedicated to scanning and classifying physical features. So it’s no surprise […]

Body Care Manufacturing: Mild Body Scrub


Body Scrub is a simple and basic treatment that is essential to keep your body skin healthy and soft. It consists in the removal of the superficial layer of skin, followed by moisturizing. To deliver the best for your body care routine, we produced a body scrub that calms dead skin cells and adds moisture. […]

Soap manufacturing service: our private label

In our previous post, we talked about different kinds of soap and their characteristics. Now, let’s talk more deeply about how we explore them in our private manufacturing label. Check some of the products we are experts in producing: Crystal soap  Crystal soaps can be a beautiful detail for your decoration, but it is so […]

Different Types and Kinds of Soap – Soap Manufacturing Services – SourcingLab

Soap Manufacturing

Nowadays, there are different types of soap available for almost every use. It is thecombination and addition of some ingredients that make them different. When it comes tobeauty soaps, there’s a great variety – of uses and formulas. Check out some examples ofkinds of soap in the beauty industry available with our soap manufacturing: Bar […]

Sourcing Lab: Best K-pop inspired brands developed in Korea

K-pop inspired brands

K-Pop, or Korean Pop, is a popular genre of music that was born in the 1990s and has beentrending worldwide over the last few years. The success of the South-Korean music-industryopened the doors to investments in other areas, such as skin care. K-Pop artists tend to haveperfect almost glass skin, following specific routines with the […]

SourcingLab R&D Cosmetic Contract Manufacturer headquartered in Korea!

Cosmetic contract manufacturer

SourcingLab is an innovative R&D driven cosmetic contract manufacturer headquartered in Korea. Our flexibility and automation-driven capabilities have resulted in successful partnerships with the world’s leading cosmetic brands. We strive to continuously improve and expand our partnership with our customers. We look forward to your inquiry. Quality R&D / Contract Cosmetic Manufacturer Since 2018, Sourcing-Lab […]

Private Label Cosmetic Products – Mild Cleansing Tissues

Mild Cleansing Tissues

Bringing back to all of our followers our #privatelabelcosmetics line. #mildcleansingtissues that are easy to use for babies with skin #moisturizing formulas to gently cleanse babies’ fragile skin. And you can cleanse the skin’s impurities and #sunscreen without any need to rinse with water. Furthermore, it is easy to carry around since cleansing tissues are […]

National CBD Day: Educating on the benefits of CBD for your Skincare Beauty Brand

On National CBD Day skin care products are marketed to help address everything from acne-prone skin to wrinkles and signs of aging. But are these benefits real, or are they just marketing hype? These are the CBD facts you need to know. http://sourcing-lab.com/ What is the CBD? CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is the non-toxic […]

All About Makeup Day

all about makeup day

We are dedicating today to your doubts and questions for the All about makeup day. Every day we get hundreds of e-mails about the manufacturing process in South Korea. Do you have any doubts about how the #cosmeticmanufacturing works? Want to know more about #privatelabelcosmetics ? Engage with us now in the comments and let […]

Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Do you know what is a Skincare Contract Manufacturer and what is the function of an external Korean Beauty Lab? There are many well-known brands in the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care business being produced in plants not their own. Contract manufacturers generally have a selection of basic formulas that customers can choose from, adding […]