Indie Brands Make-up & Why They Are Growing!

So, what are these “indie” brands that are getting more and more market share in the beauty market? ⠀⠀The basic explanation is that “Indie Brands” are simply independently owned companies. Usually, their leaders are progressive, creative, and not afraid to change the game. These companies are purpose-driven, independently funded, and extremely design-conscious. ⠀⠀This means that […]

Beauty, Make-Up & Skincare Trends for 2021 that will stay.

SourcingLab is keeping a close eye on the trends for next year, we’re really excited to see the new innovation and partnerships that will come. We make a list for you of the 11 trends of 2020 that will stay and continue throughout 2021. The good news? Experimenting with all things in the beauty industry […]