Best Korean Products: Bath products.

We all know the benefits of Korean skincare products. Their products are very popular around the world and provide amazing results. We have listed the top Korean bath products for every skin type. Check out the following comments​​:

Somang Milk Shower Gel

Somang Milk Shower Gel is recommended for people with dry skin.

The key ingredient in the care of this shower gel is milk, which forms a moisturizing protective layer on the body.

It is a creamy shower gel that foams well and removes impurities completely.

Milk has many benefits for the skin. It can prevent premature aging, remove dark spots, shrink pores, soothe irritation and allergic reactions, exfoliate and nourish.

The lactic acid in milk helps to remove dead skin cells and accelerate cell growth. It allows you to have healthy and flawless skin.

How to use: Wet the body. Take an appropriate amount and pour it on a bath towel or sponge to create a lather. Scrub the whole body gently. Rinse it.

Illyoon Ceramide

Illyoon Ceramide is suitable for people with sensitive skin to wash from head to toe.

This shower gel is also free of synthetic colors, fragrance-free, child-friendly, and animal-free.

It is ideal for gentle daily cleansing, leaving the skin clean and tidy.

We like its hypoallergenic formula. The shower gel focuses on maintaining the pH of the skin and protecting its acid layer.

The shower gel contains ceramide capsules to restore and maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

After being absorbed, these capsules immediately soothe dry and irritated skin with their moisturizing effect.

How to use: Take a small amount of product on wet hands or shower ball, and then lather on the whole body or hair and scalp. Massage gently and rinse thoroughly.

Holika Holika 92% Aloe Shower Gel

This shower gel contains 92% aloe vera leaf juice. It is fermented before being added to the shower gel to maximize the effects of aloin.

It keeps your skin clean and healthy. Despite being an excellent cleanser, this shower gel does not remove moisture from the skin.

It does not contain parabens, benzophenone, propylene glycol, animal ingredients, artificial colors, BHT, and mineral oil.

This product also contains cucumbers and watermelons with high water content. Cucumber is an excellent cooling agent, and watermelon helps brighten and whiten the skin.

Shower gel helps to soothe the skin exposed to the sun, so it is an ideal choice for summer skincare.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount on a towel or sponge to foam. Rub it all over the body. Finally, massage gently and rinse off.

The brand produces products suitable for people with dry, sensitive, allergic, and oily skin. They have a fragrance suitable for sensitive skin or a chemical-free series.

Tree to Tub Sensitive Body Wash

Tree to Tub Sensitive Body Wash is very suitable for those with delicate and easily irritated skin.

The main ingredient in the product is wild soapberry, which keeps you clean and fresh without making your skin too dry.

It also has other effective ingredients such as shea butter, cucumber and chamomile, and tea leaves that have antibacterial properties.

These ingredients help nourish your skin without irritating it. It also has a very mild natural orange essential oil scent, which makes you feel relaxed.

This treatment is a vegan, cruelty-free, and natural-friendly brand that uses only safe and gentle ingredients.

How to use: Massage cream soapberry foam onto the skin, then rinse with cold water to lock in extra moisture. Use it every day, then use the lotion together with our Shea Butter Lotion for best results.

Innisfree Olive Real Body Cleanser

This is a body cleanser containing extra virgin olive oil from Crete. These are extracted from golden olives, which are one of the highest quality olives.

Olives are rich in fatty acids and amino acids and are one of the best ingredients for skincare. They are called “liquid gold” because of their quality.

The shower gel contains antioxidants, vitamins, and very beneficial nutrients to make the skin softer.

The product claims to provide 24-hour moisturization, so it is recommended for people dealing with dry, rough skin.

It has a creamy consistency and a very soothing floral green and citrus orange fragrance, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

This product does not contain animal-derived ingredients, fragrances, and talc.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount and apply it on bath towels or bath towels. Massage the whole body, then rinse thoroughly with water.

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