What is Private Label Cosmetics & White Label Cosmetics?

Our customers have been asking us to display our private label cosmetic options on our website for quite some time.

Today we introduce to you our new series of Clean Beauty Products available for Private Labelling for beauty brands.

First of All, what is the Private Label Cosmetic?

Private label products are created and manufactured by manufacturers, and then others are allowed to sell them under their brand names. The manufacturer will produce products sold under the label of another company. The manufacturing company reserves the right to control the product (specification, quality, etc.). In other words, the manufacturer is still the owner of the product, and these products are positioned as low-cost alternatives to well-known products of the same or different brands. They and their products are fully certified, but if the product is relabeled, the brand will require separate certification.

Startups such as Brandless are rewriting brand narratives by selling high-end cosmetics and beauty products in simple packaging at affordable prices. The idea behind Brandless is that it can add value to consumers by selling high-quality products without paying the so-called “brand tax.” For example, the actual attributes of the product are not printed on their beauty line with a big logo but listed on the package.

What is White-Label Cosmetics?

For those who wish to create their own cosmetics brand, another option is white labeling. Generic cosmetics are produced in Asia and other parts of the world, but they are still subject to the same regulations as any other product and are equally safe and effective.

Consumers may be surprised to find that many beauty products from different brands come from the same source and may even contain the same ingredients.

These generic products are sold to brands, with their own labels. Salon owners, beauticians, online sellers, and others can create beauty labels without investing in formulas, manufacturing, and packaging. They are a good low-cost entry point for those who want to expand their business scope or launch new businesses.

For small brands or start-ups, the advantages of using a white label laboratory include no development costs, low minimum requirements, and no need to worry about limited supply. Manufacturing companies maintain product supply, and all brands have to do is apply their customized packaging and labels to manufacture their own products. Individuals can choose any combination of products, package them as they see fit, and then sell them under their own brand labels. In a sense, a brand is a curator rather than a creator.

White labels are also a good way for beauty salons, boutiques, and single stores that want to increase their business value. The order volume is small and there is almost no need to worry about the recipe; all customers need is money and ideas for the products they want to distribute.

One of the disadvantages is that their packaging and appearance are usually bland. But manufacturing companies can usually provide products in unbranded packaging, ready to be rebranded, or in bulk.

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