Sustainable cosmetics packaging

Cosmetics, hair, and skin care products generate huge amounts of plastic waste every year. Fortunately, more and more cosmetics companies are saying goodbye to single-use plastic packaging that is difficult to recycle. Thanks to sustainable cosmetics packaging, redundant plastic packaging is now a thing of the past.

Environmentally conscious consumers are now not only concerned about a product’s ingredients but also about what packaging a product is in. Therefore, partnering with a sustainable beauty packaging company can be very beneficial.

What is sustainable cosmetic packaging? 

Sustainable packaging uses biodegradable and recyclable materials instead of traditional non-sustainable materials. Sustainable packaging for cosmetics helps conserve natural resources such as energy and water. The negative impacts of supply chains on areas such as land, air, and water can also be significantly reduced.

What are the benefits? Why is it important for your brand? 

  • Boost brand image 

The brand image of companies that use eco-friendly packaging tends to improve significantly. When your consumers understand that the brand they use cares not only about the environment but themselves, it helps strengthen their relationship with your customers. This improved brand image always translates into higher profits and ROI.

  • Save money 

Eco-friendly packaging requires less packaging material, significantly reducing shipping and storage costs. The eco-friendly packaging solution uses GL FOIL, which not only makes the product aesthetically pleasing but also ensures an extended shelf life. With eco-friendly packaging becoming more popular, many suppliers are now offering it at very low prices, which means further cost savings.

  • Reduce waste

Eco-friendly packaging materials offer many promising advantages over traditional options such as aluminum foil. It’s durable, protective, and recyclable, making it a sustainable packaging choice. Plus, it’s toxin-free and produces far less waste.

It is undeniable that the packaging embodies the values ​​and aesthetics of the brand. 

Therefore, it is important to ensure that customers have a pleasant experience with your brand as soon as they get their hands on your product.

What’s new?

Next-generation packaging is a combination of three packaging types – active packaging, smart packaging, and modified atmosphere packaging. Next-generation packaging offers various advanced benefits such as traceability, extended product shelf life, and more.

According to Future Market Insights, an ESOMAR-certified market research and consulting firm, the global next-generation packaging market will experience a growth spurt at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2022 and 2032, reaching USD 49.3 billion between 2022 and 2032.

From the production unit to the store, packaging helps to attract attention as it can change the overall design, feel, and appearance of a product. Moreover, the safety of products during the transportation is the top priority of the key players in the market, and to ensure safety, players have been striving to develop effective packaging solutions. The following trends are undoubtedly sweeping the innovative cosmetic packaging market:

  1. Airless bottles packaging

Vacuum bottles and double wall bottle dispensers are the perfect packaging for skincare products like gels, lotions, serums, creams, and cleansers. Their storage system prevents the oxidation of contents and keeps ingredients intact. The elegant double-wall bottle design gives designers more decoration options. 

The inner bottle is made of green environmental protection material PP (polypropylene), which has good chemical resistance. The airless pump system is completely portable and can pump almost 100% of the product. We can customize your idea through two processes: custom color and UV varnish, spray painting, metallization, silk screen printing, bronzing, etc.

  1. Paper airless packaging

Exclusively available from a Korean manufacturer, the overlapping and outer bottles are made from recycled PCR cardboard. They fit around a tubular PE bag connected to a 0.50cc ringneck airless pump for easy filling. Blow them into the cardboard bottle using surface friction for a super snug fit. The pumping system is the same as airless – when the formula runs out, the PE bag collapses on itself to prevent air from re-entering. 

Consumers also prefer products that meet their safety standards. The pressure-free, tamper-resistant dispensing system delivers safe, contamination-free, and unaltered products.

  1. Stick packaging

In addition to the many advantages of Korean cosmetic packaging STICK, the application of FUN is particularly prominent. This product is ideal for sunscreens, foundations, concealers, primers, and solid perfumes. 

They’re easy to apply, even in hard-to-reach places, compact, portable and spill-free

Trending for 2023

Minimalism has been everywhere in recent years. This is a way of reflecting and thinking that “less is more”. Minimalist product design and packaging tell consumers a lot about your product. The minimalist product packaging conveys confidence and speaks volumes about the high-quality product inside. Simple and clear packaging and labeling help consumers have a better and clearer understanding of ingredients and product performance.

Going forward, minimalism is expected to become an integral part of the next generation of cosmetic packaging. The current consumer preference for more environmentally friendly cosmetic packaging and willingness to pay more for the product continues to drive the market. The next generation of cosmetic packaging fulfills two main purposes – providing a sense of pampering while fulfilling environmental responsibility. Therefore, sustainable cosmetics packaging are the future.

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