Gommage peeling gel – a gentle exfoliating option

Like all other forms of exfoliation, our gommage peeling gel unclogs pores, promotes collagen production, reduces acne breakouts, and allows for better product absorption into the skin while maintaining the integrity of the skin barrier, which makes it a smart and gentle exfoliating option. 

What is a gommage peeling gel?

To stimulate cell renewal and refine the skin, the procedure with the gommage peeling gel can be indicated for all skin types, especially sensitive ones. Through gommage, the removal of dead cells and impurities from the surface layer is stimulated, bringing better texture, shine, and permeation to the skin.

Who is it for?

In addition to being a channel for skin regeneration, nutrition, and rejuvenation, bringing shine, improved texture, and softness, it can be indicated for sensitive skin, which has restrictions for other types of peelings, more irritating or less superficial.

How to use a gommage peeling gel?

After cleaning the skin with soap, as is common practice, a thin and uniform layer of gommage is applied to the area to be treated. After about three minutes for the product to dry, the exfoliation movement begins (circular and vigorous with medium pressure) to remove the product.

Gommage peeling gel must-know

Care before gommage 

It is important to verify that the area to be worked on does not present an injury and that the patient is not allergic to any component of the formula. In addition, the skin must be clean and sanitized.

Care after gommage 

Daily use of sunscreen with a sun protection factor greater than 30 is important to protect the skin.

Our gommage peeling gel 

Our ready-to-go gommage peeling gel, already a stability-tested option for private labels:

  • Not only exfoliate the skin, but further helps to unclog the pores, hydrates the skin, and calms down inflammation. 
  • Improves the moisture-holding properties of the skin and provides intensive moisture during and after peeling
  • Available in Pineapple, Rose, or Charcoal versions.
    • Charcoal, pineapple, and rose are ingredients that optimize the exfoliation effect by providing chemical and physical exfoliation

Gommage peels are meant to be applied onto dry skin, and when rubbed in circular motions balls of dirt, and debris will start appearing as they are pulled from the skin. After exfoliating, it prevents dryness and leaves skin hydrated and nourished

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