Big cleansing tissues – The perfect way to boost self-care

Cleansing tissues are little wipes that come in handy when we’re looking for a quick fix to boost our self-care routine, or just when we’re too lazy to remove our makeup or sunscreen.

Cleansing tissues are pre-soaked wipes that give your face and body a quick clean when you’re on the go or when you need a quick sanitizer. This help removes excess dirt and sebum, leaving your face feeling refreshed. That is why we, your Korean manufacturer partner, made sure of adding to our manufacturing services big cleansing tissues.

This product’s formulation has its stability already tested and is ready to go as a private label option. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of our big cleansing tissues:

It can be used for body cleansing, sun cleansing, and more…

The main use of cleansing tissues is to remove dirt with a few simple wipes. It’s great when you’ve had a long day and just needs to throw yourself into bed. Keep a pack of gentle facial tissues on your nightstand and make sure you go to bed without makeup on your face to avoid nasty breakouts and clogged pores the next day. Our big cleansing tissues are designed to gently break down makeup or leftover dirt and grime without over-removing.

Bigger than the common tissues

They are available in two sizes, 195x290mm, and 145x290mm. Because of the big area, they are much more effective and economic.

Perfect solution for those who love makeup

There’s something strangely satisfying about applying makeup to your arms to admire and find your most flattering shade. Hands are also great for makeup palettes when it comes to matching shades to complete your complexion.

Fix makeup mistakes with ease

Practice makes perfect! But it’s very important to make mistakes on the way there. So how do you address those boos? Simply. Keeping a pack of Kleenex handy, unleash your creativity for those intricate brush strokes. These can easily help fix bugs and improve the look if you need them.

Big cleansing tissues must-know:

●       It’s important to know the difference between all the facial tissues on the market.

Products that remove stubborn eye makeup are different from those designed to cleanse the skin right down to the pores. Please read labels carefully before purchasing.

●       Long drives and flights can leave your skin greasy and tired.

Before you reach your goal, simply sweep a cleansing washcloth across your face to instantly feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

●       Cleansing tissues remove surface dirt and other skincare/makeup that cling to the skin. But relying solely on facial tissues can wreak havoc on your skin. Deep cleansing with a foaming face wash is essential to get rid of any deep-seated impurities.

●       We know you want to remove as much dirt and makeup as possible during this step of your cleansing routine, but rubbing it on your skin won’t help. Wipe gently starting from the jawline and moving upwards.


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