Soap manufacturing service: our private label

In our previous post, we talked about different kinds of soap and their characteristics. Now, let’s talk more deeply about how we explore them in our private manufacturing label. Check some of the products we are experts in producing: Crystal soap  Crystal soaps can be a beautiful detail for your decoration, but it is so […]

Different Types and Kinds of Soap – Soap Manufacturing Services – SourcingLab

Soap Manufacturing

Nowadays, there are different types of soap available for almost every use. It is thecombination and addition of some ingredients that make them different. When it comes tobeauty soaps, there’s a great variety – of uses and formulas. Check out some examples ofkinds of soap in the beauty industry available with our soap manufacturing: Bar […]

Sourcing Lab: Best K-pop inspired brands developed in Korea

K-pop inspired brands

K-Pop, or Korean Pop, is a popular genre of music that was born in the 1990s and has beentrending worldwide over the last few years. The success of the South-Korean music-industryopened the doors to investments in other areas, such as skin care. K-Pop artists tend to haveperfect almost glass skin, following specific routines with the […]

Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Skincare Contract Manufacturer

Do you know what is a Skincare Contract Manufacturer and what is the function of an external Korean Beauty Lab? There are many well-known brands in the cosmetics, fragrance and personal care business being produced in plants not their own. Contract manufacturers generally have a selection of basic formulas that customers can choose from, adding […]

Five biggest cosmetic brands for men

cosmetic brands for men

Nowadays, more and more men give up their usual face and body soap for askincare regimen with cosmetic brands for men. The market itself has been changing: cosmetics aren’t just for women anymore, because guys have gotten more comfortable with having beauty habits such asgrooming. In fact, there has been a constant increase in the […]


Skincare Production Process in Sourcing-Lab Stage 1 of Skincare Production The global cosmetic production process is divided into five key stages. From receipt of raw materials to delivery, we ensure that the production process runs smoothly. Each stage is managed according to the most secure protocols and procedures. Our CNA and quality standards are the […]

Your Guide To Skincare Textures – SourcingLab Options

Mild, silky, oily or jelly, there are many different skincare textures – each one makes applying skincare more indulgent. Even better, these different consistencies are carefully formulated to help your skin absorb the active ingredients and enhance their efficacy. Yes, the skincare texture of your product has a lot to do with how it works […]

Sourcing-Lab as your Cosmetic Formulation Lab

Our experienced R&D laboratory customizes formulations using the latest technologies and ingredients on the market let us explain what it means to be a cosmetic formulation lab. Research and development Professional R&D staff are on hand to assist you in creating formulations tailored to your unique needs, using the following methods:• Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.• Use Good […]


korean cosmetic packaging

Besides many advantages of STICK Korean cosmetic packaging the first one to stand out is the FUN application. This product is ideal for sunscreens, foundation, correctors, primers, solid perfumes and many other formulations that can be fit into the packaging. Still Aren’t Sure? Here Are A Few More Advantages We Can Think Of: Easy to […]

Double Wall Airless Bottles Packaging – Private Label Packaging

Double Wall Airless Bottles

A lot of our clients want to know what are the full range of packaging we offer, that’s why we prepared for you below some of the benefits of our Double Wall Airless Bottles. Airless bottle and double wall bottle dispenser are perfect packaging for skin care products such as gels, lotions, serums, creams and […]