5 Amazing Mom Entrepreneurs In The Beauty Industry to Celebrate the Mother’s Day

In the last 20 years, the number of companies owned by women has increased by 114%. Together, women decided to abolish men domination and gender discrimination. They became empowered women. More and more mothers choose to launch their business and start juggling motherhood and work. To celebrate mother’s day, we are paying tribute to 5 mom entrepreneurs running their beauty business. 

Cashmere Nicole – Beauty Bakerie – Mother’s Day

Cashmere Nicole always had the idea of doing something creative, but she got pregnant in High School and was on welfare. In 2011, while she was studying at college, she decides to found her makeup brand Beauty Bakery. She started building her business and launched her first products. Cashmere is also a breast cancer survivor, she has a heavy treatment and a double mastectomy, but she kept working on Beauty Bakery. She chose the color pink to raise breast cancer awareness.

She ran campaigns to share her story and raise funds for her brand, she even featured with Beyonce. Nicole was getting tired because of her sickness and all the effort she was putting into her work. She decides to find partners to create a team and that’s how after four years of struggling, the sales started growing quickly. 

The mom entrepreneur decides to only develop vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free products to respect the planet and her customers. She founded Sugar Homes, an organization that supports the needs of orphaned kids worldwide. She also uses her website to give a voice to movements like The Black Lives Matter Movement, The Dream Act, The Muslim Ban, missing children, and human trafficking.

One thing is sure, Cashmere Nicole is a superhero and she deserves everything she has. She started working as a teen African American mom, fought cancer, and today she is running a successful business and support many causes. She literally represents woman empowerment.

Kylie Jenner – Kylie Skin/ Kylie Cosmetics – Mother’s Day

Kylie Jenner is born in a family of successful mompreneurs. Her mom Kris Jenner is the manager of the all family and her three sisters, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim are Tv Reality/ Social Media celebrities. Kim even runs a cosmetic brand named KKW Beauty. So it’s without any surprise that she decided, in 2015, to launch her cosmetic brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

Forbes published the Top 100 of the richest people in the world. Kylie Jenner appeared as the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. The entrepreneur is also the happy mom of Stormi, her beautiful little girl. She hid her pregnancy for months and kept working on her project. Today, she conciliates perfectly her life as a mother and entrepreneur.

The young mom is running an empire, in only five years she created her cosmetic brand, her TV show, appeared on countless magazine covers, and the family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. As if that were not enough, in 2019, she launched her skincare line Kylie Skin and again, it was a real success.

Kylie can be a model to every young woman and mother. At 23 years old, she is a leader of the beauty industry, and she keeps raising her daughter as every mom. The entrepreneur said in an interview: “I hope to inspire other young women to know that there are no limits and to work hard for what you believe in.”

Hope Smith – Mutha

Mutha was created by the mother and entrepreneur Hope Smith while pregnant with her first son. This brand idea came out from necessity. She asked a makeup artist how to prevent and cover stretch marks. He told her to put La Mer product on her skin and cover herself in plastic wrap twice a day. It was very uncomfortable and not really efficient. 

Hope starts studying natural and plant-based ingredients she could use for her stretch mark. She turned her kitchen into a beauty lab and started creating body butter. Some of her friends asked for samples and told her to create her brand. So, in 2019 she launched her brand with two products, a body butter, and a body oil.

The mompreneur decide to rid all chemicals from her healthcare, that’s why her products are free from aggressive synthetic preservatives and made of 100% natural origin ingredients. The products are organic, vegan and she chooses to not use filler and water but only pure active ingredients. Mutha gives the consumers luxurious formulas, packed in modern and sustainable packaging.

Hope represents the strength of a woman and a mother. She is raising her kids and at the same time, she’s a businesswoman running her beauty brand. She created Mutha to support other women during their pregnancy and their entire woman life. 

But she is not just an entrepreneur, she is also engaged. After experiencing mother shamming on social media, she decides to create the movement « Bad Mutha ». This slogan is used to fight against haters and share the testimonials of other mothers. Finally, 5% of each sale goes to maternal and infant health programs at the International Medical Corps, a global humanitarian nonprofit organization.

Rosalina Tan & Mary Jane Ong – Pili Ani – Mother’s Day

The Filipina brand Pili Ani was created by a mother-and-daughter duo, Rosalina and Mary Jane. Rosalina has long been an advocate for sustainable and organic trade farming in the Philippines. She created her brand with her daughter to launch natural and respectful products and support local farmers. They are working every day together to give a place to the Philippines in the beauty industry. They called their movement the P-Beauty, as K-beauty for Korea.

The duo defines their mission to build a company for the community and not for profit. The name of the brand Pili Ani comes from the Pili Tree. This Tree produces the two precious ingredients they are using in their products, the Pili and the Elemi Oils. 

This brand is sustainable, cruelty-free, and ethical. The founders buy their products from local and organic farmers. The Pili Ani Team helps over 200 families by creating programs to uplift their lives. They are supporting the Save Our Soil Foundation to encourages farmers to use organic practices for their agriculture. Also, the Pili Literacy Program provides financial assistance to students.

This entrepreneur’s duo shows how, with the power of love and a lot of determination, a mother and a daughter gave a voice to their country in the competitive world of beauty.

Diana Madison – Diana Madison Beauty – Mother’s Day

Diana Madison was already a social media influencer, actress, and producer when she decides to found her brand. As a beauty influencer, Diana was already in the cosmetic industry. But one day she started looking at the ingredients used in her skincare routine. She discovered all the chemicals and fillers that so many brands use and that are harmful to our skin.

She decided to launch her clean and natural skincare brand named Diana Madison Beauty. The entrepreneur launched her product Glowtopia after suffering from eczema for many years. The dermatologist told her to use clean beauty products to hydrate her skin, but she couldn’t find it so she decides to make one. The product promise to be safe and gentle.

Diana is an entrepreneur, but also the mom of two beautiful kids, balancing her career and her motherhood. That’s why she dedicated her brand to every mother who raises kids and does not have time anymore to take care of themselves. As the proud mompreneur said, she wants « to give it back to moms ». Respect!

Those 5 women are the living proof that a mother doesn’t have to choose to have a family over a career. Mother can do it all, so never stop dreaming big! If you want to create a beauty brand that shares your values, Sourcinglab will help you with all the process steps. If you are interested, do not hesitate anymore, and fill out our contact form below! 

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